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Investors Beware! Crypto Research and Education in 2021

By YeXub | Youthful_Exuberance | 25 Aug 2021


Commonly, novel crypto investors have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, the holy crypto trinity. Other than these, many new crypto investors will not have heard of the majority of alt-coins, as mainstream media tends to focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum exclusively. In my experience, Youtube and popular centralized exchanges like Kraken, Coinbase and news websites like Cointelegraph, Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko offer the best introductions to new ICOs and popular cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Cointelegraph includes many different sources including news, market news, a magazine, a review of people relevant to cryptocurrencies, and finally a cryptopedia that includes great overviews for novices and experts alike. Otherwise, the website includes industry reviews and consulting services.  When I was a beginner investor, I often relied on Cointelegraph, as this was the service that seemed to consistently provide reliable and quick updates about cryptocurrencies. Cointelegraph includes news about Bitcoin, Altcoins, general Blockchain news, news about business, technology, and polices and regulations. 

As I became more versed in crypto I found Coinmarketcap, which provides various cool ways to manage your investments. Here, you can manage news about cryptocurrencies, exchanges, NFTs, and even create a watchlist and manage your portfolio. Both Coinmarketcap and Cointelegraph are bookmarked and used daily as part of my crypto education and review.

Coingecko is another resource that is very similar to Coinmarketcap and can be used in the same way. Both allow you to create an account and manage your portfolio and news on the same website. Explore both and see which peak your interest the most!

Establishing a Reliable Source

Beware of rugpulls and other crypto scams (e.g., I will send you X crypto and send back 2X = SCAM!). I avoid scams by researching the cryptocurrency progject's website, reddit, telegram, YouTube presence, the above websites, and reviewing the histories of the teams behind the project. 

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