Why BCH is better than BTC and what are the benefits of BCH

Why BCH is always better than Bitcoin.

By cybercrypto | YourFinonymous | 21 Nov 2021

Earlier Bitcoin was the only and best asset to invest in around 6-7 years ago when the transactions were and less amount of cryptos were circulating.

But as the hype started growing slowly the value of Bitcoin shot up and there were very high transactions.

To verify each block time took and fees became very high, also to mine bitcoin it became extremely high.

In the current situation, I don't think Bitcoin will give you more scalability.

Here comes the BCH aka Bitcoin Cash It is originated from Bitcoin Itself.

Considering the future of Cryptocurrency BTC miners and developers had created Bitcoin Cash in 2017.

Well, you must keep upgrading yourself to solve the problem faced, Bitcoin couldn't do that so to solve the issue BCH was created to reduce the
transaction time and reduce fees for transactions.


BCH has a bigger block size than bitcoin and can process nearly 2 million

transactions per day.


Bitcoin Cash - Wikipedia


Why you should choose Bitcoin Cash - BCH?


1. The important thing is that Bitcoin cash has very cheap transactions fees. It is around 0.2$ very low compared to Bitcoin which is 20 - 30 dollars.

God, it's greater than how much my earnings are how can I get paid then.
Especially for traders, it's very hard to transact with bitcoin.


2. As I told you BCH has a bigger block size than Bitcoin so it can do very fast transactions in seconds compared to bitcoin it is very fast.


3. The time required by Bitcoin to verify the block is much greater and not feasible but on the other hand, Bitcoin Cash can verify transactions n very little time
to verify all transactions than Bitcoin.


4. Mining - Who doesn't want to earn through mining but can you now with bitcoin. To but graphics card it cost 3000$ forget about the whole setup to earn.

If you have that much money then you would not mine right. Bitcoin Cash does help common people to earn here miners can mine more quickly and with fewer specifications.


5. Bitcoin is Not environment friendly we all know that the amount of power it takes while the transaction is very high, that is the fact even when mining our electricity bill would be out of budget.

Unlike Bitcoin, BCH uses less power than Bitcoin.
So I guess those who are environment friendly would switch to better options.



Conclusion :


Since due to all problems we are facing with Bitcoin another alternative is available to solve the issues faced. I know currently Bitcoin is the king and slowly other coins are growing and we don't know what will be the future so always have knowledge about the market.

Disclaimer: Before investing do your own research this is not a buying recommendation.

For more references go to their website: Bitcoin Cash

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