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By cybercrypto | YourFinonymous | 7 Nov 2021

Crypto Market is going through a boom. Whole new industry is bring revolution in the finance sector.

Recently NFTs became a huge sensation and Everyone is trying to buy it and some made and sold in even millions. So no one is waiting, everyone having FOMO.


New Block chain world created De-Fi Decentralized Finance with the addition on Meta verse and NFT games are being made and predicted to be a huge market in future.


No one want to miss this opportunity so here is


Games you can 'Play-to-Earn' Crypto Currency :-



1. Decentraland.



Beginner's Guide to Decentraland (Mana) | Forex Academy


It has been with us very long time it is a virtual world and has ability to provide some investment opportunitues.

It was created around 2015 and it  is most popular crypto based virtual reality world.

You can invest in their properties and then sell to make profits

You can Buy things like






You can buy all these through their MANA token which is based on Etherium for better performance.



Evolution Land: 



Evolution Land stands out on this list of the top 5 NFT games as it has a  different approach. | Blockonomist



This game is also similar to decentraland.

This game is like a city and you have ti build your own world with help of this crypto.

you can buy a piece of land

Do some construction on it for building

Also you can do mining to get some resources

Last you can also fight against the other players

By all these you can increase your wealth.


Zed Run:



How to Earn Money in ZED RUN (NFT Horse Racing Game)



This is an simple game with respect to others also their is low investment and you can make some money.

These game is about Digital Horse Racing and  you have to purchase horses which are in the type of NFT {Non Fungible Tokens}. 

Purchase these NFT and and win the races

You can also Trade these cards to earn some profits.

Also you can breed your own horses.


Note: Please do research before investing in any of these games crypto are highly volatile and there is a great risk. Only you are liable to damaged cause.


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