Swap tokens through multiple blockchains without sign up

Exchange Tokens across multiple Blockchains through (No SignUp)

By cybercrypto | YourFinonymous | 24 Jan 2022

Wonder if we are fully decentralised and we don't have to give out any personal information and we are in total control. Soon gonna become reality . Lets take a view below

Each and every Crypto Currencies are created on some Blockchains. Some coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Monero have their own Native Blockchains whereas some tokens are created on another Blockchain Such as Ethereum.

Earlier when the starting of the crypto evolution there were not many cryptocurrencies are we mainly focused on Bitcoin. So many people Didn't face the problem while swapping or exchanging their tokens.

But when people started recognizing the potential of crypto's many made their own blockchains like Ethereum Blockchain, Steller Blockchain, etc

The volume increased very much in these past years and People facing problems swapping whenever they are on a different blockchain.

Most websites to swap are centralized and require too much verification and we cannot trust them. To solve this issue was created.

SideShift AI

This is a website created to exchange the different cryptocurrencies or tokens across multiple blockchains without compromising the privacy of a user. This website doesn't require users to signup or giving away any kind of personal sensitive data and the user is in total control.

Whenever the user enters the website the secret phrase key is automatically generated and stored in the web browser and you can store it safely to access across different browsers

There are more than 30+ cryptos you can swap within a minute without any hassle. The minium price to exchange is about 5 Dollars

The market is low and if you have any Stable coins or any coin you might wanna think of exchanging at promising rates.

Not financial advice but Swapping coins like





Would be a good idea as you are getting them for a low price and these projects and future plans look very promising

SideShift Token (XAI)

Sideshift has its own token which is created on Ethereum Blockchain. This token is created to incentivize its holders, owners, and business partners.

It is just like any other coin which can be traded on public platforms like sushi. com Bittrex and its own

The total supply is 210,000,000 XAI tokens and by purchasing XAI you can stake the coins in their pool and you can gain extra XAI on it. The current APY is around 49.00% which is very good than any other big coins out there.

The rewards come from the 25% revenue of SideShift which is earned through transaction fees etc.
Final thoughts
It is an amazing project which solves our biggest problems and you can swap coins very fast safe and securely. It also comes up with instant customer support if any problems persist. I personally liked the project cause many people don't want to give out heir personal details or sign up on the various platforms to exchange their cryptos and risking their private data whenever their is an hacker attack.
Doesn't need email, password, no name no phone number nothing
Only a phrase key that secures everything.

I have tried and tested and it worked out smoothly sometimes if some glitch happens and it won't do transaction, it gives an option to refund the amount deducted.

Visit the website and check yourself and try swapping.


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