MRHB is an Decentralised Financial Platform with taking shariah-compliant solution . SOUQ NFT (sNFT) and Liquidity Harvester

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By cybercrypto | YourFinonymous | 12 Nov 2021

MRHB is an Decentralised Financial Platform with taking shariah-compliant solution to the world Ethically.
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Here we are going to focus on two things SOUQ NFT and Liquidity Harvesting.


For all these DE-FI platform they have created their own token that will be initially minted on the Bianance Smart Chain and having a supply of 1 Billion tokens.


1. Souq NFT (sNFT)


It is an digital marketplace specially for the Islamic community for things like Islamic digital art, calligraphy and other NFTs that represent Shariah complaint objects. 

This platform is specially for those artist who want to portray their art for the love of Islamic community.

Most of the Digital art , photos and videos don not fall under prohibition.

What things are prohibited to portray?

1. Anything sacred in shariah which is prohibited to portray such as photos of prophets etc.

2. Being disrespectful photos to community

3. Ridiculing or disfiguring someone.

Follow Islamic rules of Modesty and decency to ensure you dont portray anything prohibited.


2. Liquidity Harvester.


MRHB Defi has made product called Liquidity Harvester which is a Shariah Complaint investment product. Unlike other platforms it offers highly optimized returns with minimum risk. The funds or crypto assets are invested in halal liquidity pool to gain returns.


Working of Liquidity Harvester.

1. MRHB Defi finds the various halal high yielding pools.

2. Crypto assets from various platforms are then invested in these liquid pools

3. Liquidity Harvester uses best strategies to achieve and maximize the return which are invested.

4. MRHB is fund manager which manged funds from the investors.

5. Al-tough annual percentage is not fixed but MRHB defi tries to maximizes the profit.


Brief picture of this working model






MRHB defi comig with an all new idea which is trying to apply ijtihad in crypto network without compromising the Islamic norms.

Their attempt is to make digitalis-ed  products like Souq NFT and Liquidity harvester and encouraging the Islamic communities and other to participate in this new digital world and make good return on their investment. They are the first to come up with shariah-compliant solution and all halal ethnically.


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