How to solve no ads no rewards, BATs in Brave. How earn more BAT in Brave Browser. Earn free Crypto!!

Brave Browser not showing ads? How to get more ads on Brave Browser? Earn more BATs. Earn Free Crypto!!!

By cybercrypto | YourFinonymous | 5 Nov 2021

Are you getting less ads or zero ads on Brave? 

Brave Browser Allows Facebook, Twitter Trackers Despite Promising Privacy |  Technology News

Honestly the only reason we install brave is to earn some bucks while doing nothing and surfing the internet, but if no ads come thats a disappointment

If some of you dont know what  is Brave. It is an browser made on crome interface but here is the interesting part, you will not get any annoying ads while watching the youtube video. You all know, now a days how much you tube is showing ads and irritating. This problem is solved by brave which is very secure doesn't share data and very fast experience.

Awesome thing that Brave does is that it Rewards a Crypto Currency to watch their ads. Those are called BATs
(Basic Attention Token).

Basic Attention Token

BAT is a token which is slowly gaining the spotlight as it is backed by very strong people. Founder of BAT is Brendan Eich Creator of JavaScript, Mozilla, Firefox. 

{Tip- Keep BATs token under your radar it soon going to boom.}


Lets get on point how to get ads on Brave Steps :-

  • First thing would be if you dont have much BATs go to history and clear all the browsing history, cookies and bookmarks of all time. go to advance tab and clear everything and select all time. If you have some BATs just select basic one.
  • Now go to settings - select brave rewards- beside the Ads click on 3 line shape setting logo - then select maximum number of ads put that to maximum 10.
  • Turn off the ads option and Close the Brave Browser.
  • Go to you desktop change  the time zone to USA or UK and save it
  • Get an VPN and connect to that area which has you time zone.
  • Open your brave browser.
  • Go to settings - brave rewards and turn on the ADS.
  • Also turn on you auto contribution. 
  • Now, open 3-4 tabs and look if you see ads in the wallpaper. You should see ads on wallpaper click on them.
  • Wait for some time and you can see you got some bat 0.005.
Pro tip :- Also turn on your brave news section at bottom right side of the new tab section






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