The Return of Jordan Peterson (and why it matters)

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     Mr. Peterson has returned.

     Whatever one thinks of Jordan Peterson, one must admit that he is has a gift.


     Out of those in the "Intellectual Dark Web," I would venture to say that Peterson has the most reach. His growth in popularity has made him a figurehead of many movements, and his book, 12 Rules for Life, and multitude of recorded lectures have helped countless people improve themselves and their lives.


     What I want to discuss, however, is his miraculous return from... the darkness. As many of you already know, his recent medical condition was looking rather grim. His return is a joyous one, as many people have hoped and prayed for his recovery, especially those of the Christian faith.


     Why does this matter?


     Jordan Peterson has a purpose. He could have easily departed this earth, but it was not part of the plan, perhaps even God's plan. Anyone who has seen his Biblical Series knows exactly where I am going with this. His series on Genesis is likely the most important thing to happen to Christianity in modern times. He mentions in his return video, that he is going to start on Exodus soon, but not before tackling Proverbs. The excitement is incredible.


     Outside of his, perhaps unintentional, contributions to modern Christianity, his contributions to the modern world are staggering. He is an advocate for freedom, and advocate for truth, and an advocate for thinking people. A true patriot. Welcome back, Dr. Peterson.


(I plan on writing a longer post about Jordan Peterson in the future. If you are unfamiliar with his work, please look him up on the web!)

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