Crypto Mining 101
Mine and earn crypto currencies

Crypto Mining 101

By AhmadAlZohbi | YouCrypto | 27 Jun 2020

Cryptocurrency Mining

As a Software Engineer and a Bitcoin miner,
i have made a lot of effort to understand "Crypto", and start mining my own Crypto currencies.

In a simple google search, you can learn everything, but nothing's like an expert advise.
With a long journey of mining, i will share my experience with you,
to stop you from making the same mistakes i've made,

in this journey we will discuss mining from A to Z :
  • What is Crypto and How it works?
  • Whats is mining ?
  • What is stacking ?
  • CPU & GPU mining ?
  • HoneyMiner vs NiceHash ?
  • How to create a passive income ?
  • and a lot more topics...
I will be sharing the answer of each of these questions in other posts.
Stay Tuned.



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