Investing your Money 101
Money investment

Investing your Money 101

By AhmadAlZohbi | YouBusiness | 2 Aug 2020

Hello Dears, 

As you know I've been sharing my experience in mining BTC with less requirements and easy to use methods and softwares, but pardon me and let me share also how I invested my money in the market.

I started some investing tests, lost many times and won few times, 

But in the end I learned my lesson, and I'll be sharing my experience with you guys, so if you ever invested your money you'll know the risks.

This is a long journey, might take few months to complete, I'll be sharing other subjects in between posts.

Other subjects to be shared soon in Software development :

- What is Full Stack Developer

- Courses in Java programing language

- Spring FrameWork

- Hibernate

Other subjects to be shared soon in Politics :

- Lebanese Civil War :

Also know as : the war of others on the Lebanese soil, 

Stay tuned :)


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My journey in investing my money

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