Better than whiskey? – 6 questions that lead to choosing better gifts

By JKrage | You Rock Life | 9 Jul 2021

First, let me be clear: I have nothing against alcohol. Personally, I love nothing better than a fusty geueze on a hot day.

But I do take issue with generic gifts, particularly between friends.

When there are so many options that are more specific, and meaningful, to show your appreciation and support – why default to something as generic as a bottle of booze?

What’s the point of gift giving anyway?

Gift giving allows us to express thoughts and feelings in action. The object we choose is intended to represent some aspect of our esteem for the receiver.

Alcohol has just become an established convention. A ‘conventional’ gift. It’s an easy reach. 

But not necessarily a thoughtful one.

Better questions lead to better gifts

If you really want to communicate a genuine sentiment of appreciation, support, love, or kinship, then specificity speaks volumes.

This means digging just a little deeper. Giving just a few more minutes thought.

When looking for a gift, we tend to ask “What does So-and-So like?” A fair question, but it can lead to broad and general answers.

More interesting questions to ask might be:

“What exactly do I want to say with my gift?”

“What do they need? (i.e. a reminder to relax?)”

“What makes them laugh?”

“What are they really passionate about?”

“Who’s they’re favourite band/artist/comedian/politician/podcaster?”

“What are 3 things they’ve talked about doing but not actually gotten around to doing yet?”

Give it a go. See what happens. Let me know how you get on.


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