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Be a cheerleader - show up for your friends by celebrating their wins (big and small).

By JKrage | You Rock Life | 28 Jul 2021

A fun way to support a friend is to act as a cheerleader – pointing out their successes and helping to celebrate them. As external observers, we often have a better sense of their growth and progress.

(When we’re in the throes of challenge or change, it can be hard to measure progress – to genuinely see and appreciate how far we’ve come.)

By pointing out and amplifying their ‘wins’, we demonstrate both our investment in their success, as well as encouraging them to take moment to really see how much progress they’ve made.

Celebrating the wins can be highly motivating, generating confidence and positivity to carry into the next challenge.

The form of celebration could include:

  • pointing out how far they’ve come (remind them of where they started)
  • review how their current status fits into a larger goal or project
  • a thoughtful gift
  • bigging them up in public by sharing their ‘win’ on social

Whatever you choose, by specific about what the win is, and why you think it’s worth celebrating.

Try it. Let me know how you get on.

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