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By yonilkar | Yonilkar-Splinterlands | 14 Jun 2020



One of the incredible things about combining cars is that some card could help at low level that is the case on this battle, I have a level 1 Divine Healer a card unable to use magic attack at that level but very useful because has tank heal ability also some beta packs have weaken the -1 of health to all enemy monsters.



Pacefull and Giant, an interesting combination,lol.

Taking a look at promo series all cards attack but at low level some cards can change the situation on the battlefield.
That is the case of ARMORSMITH, MERMAID HEALER and SILVERSHIELD BARD, two of them of life element and the other of water element.

Armorsmith_lv2.png Silvershield%20Bard_lv1.png Mermaid%20Healer_lv2.png

Those tree card are very amazing even at that level, I use ARMORSMITH more that the others because can repair any toughness of my team and cost just 2 of mana, the MERMAID HEALER I prefer use it a low level because some enemy monsters has reflect and using magic attack can die easily.


The new wave of rewards begun

This era change the way we play, some no attack cards were introduced and a few of them on low levels are unable to attack. That is the case of FURIOUS CHICKEN, BABY UNICORN and CREEPING OOZE.

Furious%20Chicken_lv2.png Baby%20Unicorn_lv2.png Creeping%20Ooze_lv3.png

The game is giving away some no attack cards, those three are used more often for battle strategies, WARRIOR OF PEACE is a debuff card against enemies, SHADOWY PRESENCE is a strength card for friendly death monsters and GELATINOUS CUBE a tank wall self-healer with scavenger (some people say that is the lord Arianthus for newbies).

Warrior%20of%20Peace_lv10.png Gelatinous%20Cube_lv10_gold.png Shadowy%20Presence_lv6.png

The actual Untamed card series just have three no attack card all of them mostly focus on strengthen the friendly team, ALBATROSS is totaly focus on heal the tank while is flying, TRUTHSPEAKER also uses tank heal but adding +1 on toughness and cleanse, finally FAILED SUMMONER give a melee attack debuff with demoralize reflect to magic enemies and Strengthen to all friendly monsters.

Failed%20Summoner_lv10.png Albatross_lv10.png Truthspeaker_lv8.png

The new @splinterlands reward card series started and some cards are no attack cards even at max level, that was the time when they introduce of one of the greatest Legendary card of the game came, Lord Arianthus.

Powerful just for show his presence on the battlefield, this card has the most amazing combination of abilities of the entire game.


I think this card is some kind of god of the entire game, mostly of the player loves it and right now cost 10$ each one that is very amazing, the interesting of this card is that can be used with any @splinterlands element.

But even the most powerful monster needs the help of some friends, this is may battle of the week, I've been using no attack cards for this round and guess what I won.

This is may battle of the week showing the use of no attack cards, all of them collaborate with each other and gave me the victory.




Splinterlands Battle ID

Tenor Battle GIF

Splinterlands Battle ID

Tenor Battle GIF



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