The Simpsons Dedicates An Episode To Blockchain
Screenshot from 5 minutes 4 Seconds into Episode

The Simpsons Dedicates An Episode To Blockchain

By Yoeshi | Yoeshi | 25 Feb 2020

I just watched the newest Simpsons episode and it is an entire story around cryptocurrency. This is potentially a huge deal. I am sure many of you are aware of The Simpsons writers track record for making bizarrely accurate predictions inside the content of their show. On top of that, there is also the simple reality of how many people around the world watch it. 

I was just sitting here with it on in the background and my wife was like "OMG YOESHI LISTEN TO THIS" lol. Sure enough I turn to see a classic "I'm just a bill" inspired animation, where they depicted a ledger singing about how it all works. Made my night.

I was fascinated that it seemed to shed a neutral informative light on Cryptocurrencies, while also telling a somewhat accurate story seemingly inspired by the ETH ICO boom of 2017. I suggest you go watch it and would appreciate starting a discussion in the thread below once you process it all for yourself. Im about to go watch again and take notes because I am a complete nerd.

Also a good reminder to look at the Bitcoin chart to see how Bart has been doing. ;)

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