The LAB, the second token of our platform !

By YieldLab | YieldLab.Finance | 27 Mar 2021


The LAB was created to improve the YieldLab ecosystem ! 


LAB Home


To connect to the LAB you have access to in the menu or


To connect to the LAB


The objectif of LAB is evolving le YLAB ecosystem by:


  • LAB allows a farm optimization for maximizing your profits, you can earn LAB by stacking your LAB earned by stacking your YLAB.
  • All LAB fees will be used to buyback and burn YLAB make it the more deflationary possible. 

LAB & YLAB pool

You can farm and stack LAB as with YLAB with many pools and farm.


Stake LP tokens to earn LAB


Like YLAB you have always control over your funds, you can withdraw at any time !


See you soon in the lab ! 



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Welcome to our laboratory! Come do your chemistry ! YieldLab is a decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). With YLAB the native currency of YieldLab.


Welcome to our laboratory! Come do your chemistry and get interest in staking, earn with a dynamic automated market (AMM) maker and farming protocol on Binance Smar Chain (BSC).

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