A psychedelic design I have done as NFT

NFTs the new me.

By yhca | Yhca | 13 May 2021

What have I been doing lately?

I am creating new designs for NFTs and been creating drops and auctions and listing them in atomichub market.

I have a collection called 'singaporepic' in atomichub. I am auctioning one of my pictures. It comes with my voice as authentication. 

Here is the link :


Recently, I also started designing and creating nfts. I am glad I finally am doing something for Art. I know I always have the talent for art.

However, in Singapore, my grandparents always say "Art can't feed you". 

I am not allowed to get a Diploma in Graphic Designing. Finally, I took a diploma in Building and Property Management instead.

However all the 3 years of studying has gone to waste as I only worked for 6 months and I took a different path.

I studied again and took a diploma in education and then qualified for a Bachelor's degree in Art (English).

After 10 years of serving my bond in schools, I quit again. I love to teach... well, only Math. Those who love Art can identify with me.

Art and Math go together.

Well, then I gave private tuition for Math and Science to my school pupils.

Then it ended because of the travelling time and the rush to get my children after giving tuition.

And I got pregnant and we moved house to somewhere further.

Well, I have been at home looking after my boy for years now. But Art has always been my passion and I wished I can do something, 

earning even at home. 

So I build up my stock photo portfolio. Here is my link : https://www.dreamstime.com/yhca

Then I also became a Singaporean voice artist in fiverr : https://www.fiverr.com/estheradeline

Not much but at least I am still doing something for Art.

Now finally there is NFT! I think this NFT really opens the door to every artist. Even average joe wants to try create nft. 

I am really glad Art started to revolutionize the world. 

I am not longer telling my children "Art don't feed you" to my next generation. 

Here is my little new collection other that 'singaporepic'. My other collection is 'createdwlove'. 



An example of my artwork :

New EarthSunrise SunsetPsychedelic

And here are the auctions :




Claim free drop for whitelist members limited time only :


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