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By Hepatic | XYO Coin | 25 Jan 2022

Good morning folks!  I figured that I would try to shine a positive light in all of the "crypto crash" language floating around.  No crypto is not going down in flames, just another series of buying opportunities for us hodling for long-term investments!  Speaking of investment, if you are not familiar with the XYO projects and the XYO ERC20 token, then check out the links below.  Today I want to bring a recent podcast to your attention (the first link) Markus Levin, one of the co-founders of XYO, gave a great podcast on BlockHash.  He gave a brief history of the company and most importantly, a hint of things to come!  Specifically, we should hear so great announcements coming in Q2 including partnerships and the rollout of XYO 2.0/XYOWorld 4.0.  Also, any crypto company still showing profits is a great thing and that is exactly what XYO is doing.  He also discusses the importance of XYO in the developing Metaverse, I've written previously on this.  

I wanted to give some of the highlights of the podcast in case you don't have the 25ish minutes to spare but if you do, take the time to check it out.  We have some exciting times ahead in the world of XYO!

As always, this is not financial advise of any kind, just pointing out a cool project with a lot of potential.  Thanks for reading and following along and have a wonderful week!

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XYO Coin
XYO Coin

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