XYO co-founder Markus Levin and the Metaverse!

By Hepatic | XYO Coin | 5 Apr 2022

Hello Fellow Crypto enthusiasts, it's been way too long since my last post!  And while I was away, XYO continues to roll out more and more ingenious ways they are ramping up to change the world!  I've included two links to interviews with Markus Levin, co-founder of XYO and long time crypto user (mining his first Bitcoin in 2013).  He uniquely understands the need for data to driven systems in everything from industry to everyday life of each individual.  So the idea of a "Metaverse" is nothing new to him, or XYO (the company not just the ERC20 token).  With this said, we are starting to see real work towards creating a unique link between the real world and the digital world, that is the Oracle system that drives XYO and the 4 billion plus nodes that are building this in real time.  

With all of the Metaverse hype, you may be thinking this is just a way to trade digital art (if you want to call some of the Non-Fungible Tokens NFTs that!), but XYO sees way more utility than that!  We are not talking just trading baseball cards or catching Pokemon characters, we are talking real utility!  To be able to tie any transaction in the digital space to a verified geolocation in HUGE and that is one of the many things XYO can do! 

How did they build out a Blockchain with over 4 millions nodes you ask?  Check out the COINapp link: https://coin.onelink.me/ePJg/p0e73nl0 and join the network! We all know that everything we do in the digital space is tracked so why not receive some of the rewards!

As always, this is not financial advise of any kind, just a heads up on one of the neatest projects in the Metaverse.  Thansk so much for reading and following along and have a wonderful week!



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XYO Coin

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