XYO announces 20 million dollar ecosystem fund partnership for Metaverse development!

By Hepatic | XYO Coin | 10 Feb 2022

This just keeps getting better!  XYO/XYLabs has partnered with Outlier Fund to offer up 20 million to fuel growth of companies/developers that utilize XYO network as part of the ever expanding Metaverse.  This offers one of the most exciting ways to connect the physical world to the digital reality (Metaverse) in ways not possible otherwise.  As XYO grows in number of unique geospatial data nodes (4 million and counting) and develops partnerships with other companies to fuel more data collection (see my earlier blog posts for earlier announcements), They are quickly building the largest and best system to create trustless location oracles to improve current geospatial data systems.

Take a moment to read the Medium article tagged below and check out the included home pages for both XYO/XYLabs.  What a cool time to be alive and see these projects come to fruition, and we've not even seen the release of XYO 2.0 or XYO World 4.0!!  My understanding is XYO 2.0 will be mass released at the end of this month so the sky is the limit!

As always, this is not financial advise of any kind, just tuning you in to one of the neatest projects in the cryptoverse!  Thanks for reading and following along and have a wonderful day!!

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XYO Coin

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