Why learning & understanding is good for us? Let's talk about it with investment in general

By Kate S | Adventures To The Moon | 30 Sep 2021


Learning & understanding is part of risk management which is important in any form of investment

Whether you are new or veteran in the Cryptocurrency, there is always something to learn each day. Therefore learning is always in trend, it is something you should never stop. But how can I earn while learning? Let’s talk about why we need to learn first. 

Why we must learn regularly? 

Things always change with new features, enhancement, regulation etc. It is impossible to obtain so many information in 1 day & everyone learns from a different speed & resource. Of course, now with social media, learning has become so much easier but at the same time you are exposed to fake information or fake news. So one of the top things you should always learn first — learn how to filter the correct information out. 

And also in cryptocurrency, what you need to learn is not just about trends, it is a must you learn about security, I understand it may seems like a complicated topic but I will cover it on another day. Do follow me if you really interested in learning on this topic too. 

Do Your Own Research (DYOR)

Doing you own research is an extremely important behaviour in any form of investment; not just in cryptocurrency. Even if one has a similar way of identifying trends, some of the smaller details may be different. This doesn't mean both you and your friend have identified wrongly; it can also means both of you have identified correctly but perhaps the trend works better in shorter time frame and/or different environment. It is okay to read those trends from “experts” however they may be bias at time. (Everyone tends to be bias too, is okay, because we are all human too) 

A simple example will be Bank X says coin Z will reach $100,000 by end of year while you think coin Z will definitely stuck in between $40,000 to $50,000. But that doesn't mean you are wrong and the bank is correct because coin Z has stuck between that price range despite so many banks been saying it will reach $100,000. ‍(hahaha, it’s pretty obvious which coin I am talking about right? 🙊) 

If you are investing, purely based on other people’s research, you will notice you will feel more insecure. So DYOR is better approach, to make yourself feel safe about your own choice. 

Find Your Crypto Community

Of course, to make things easier for you, you can find your crypto community. Beside from reading up about projects, you can stay ahead of the anticipating market trend by getting active on social media platforms like Twitter and engage with new projects on their Discord and Telegram channels; knowing their latest updates/changes. 

However do take note of scams /scammers— people from various team will not DM you privately or invite you to any channels unnecessarily. And find links of those channels through official websites. If anyone DM through email/telegram/discord & invite you to join their project or give you any link, just ignore them or block them. (Do note that some links may expose your wallets or execute a script to withdraw from your wallet, we will talk about this in another post) 

‍So yes, I am very new how should I start? 

From the start, understand your own risks — example : how much money are you willing to lose 100%? Because any project can be at risk of failing, this is the risk you must always remember. 

And as an ex licensed financial advisor, my advise is always look into your finances first; you do not need to have a large capital from the start. You can always start it small, and also saving some amount each month and allocate them into your investment budget while at the same time, start learning. Since we are talking about cryptocurrency, start looking into projects you are interested in. And you can implement more than 1 investment strategies into your portfolio which I may cover later if anyone is interested in it. 

So make sure you work on your budget & which projects you are interested to learn more. 

🔥 How can I earn some crypto while learning

Please do note that this way is just to kick start your crypto portfolio but it will not make you rich or will not pay your bills. 

Airdrop — you can try some airdrop. If you are new, maybe you can try out CoinMarketCap’s airdrop program. Try to sign up for their newsletter to get notify each time. Otherwise, if you are in some community, they do have some airdrop from time to time.

Coinbase Earn — Disclaimer I do not meant Coinbase is the best brokerage; however by signing up their account, you are entitled to their Coinbase Earn program. But the number of crypto assets which you are able to collect are subjected to your geographical location and of course, you need to pass their quiz. If you wish to use my referral link, you may do so here.

CoinMarketCap Learn — CoinMarketCap has partnered with some projects to offer an easy way to learn about cryptocurrency, earning crypto assets as a reward. However do take note that the rewards may based on first come first serve basis, within limited period and/or come along with other T&C. It is slightly different for every learning campaign. But for this, you need to sign up for a Binance account. If you wish to use my referral link, you may do so here.

If you wish to know about the latest CoinMarketCap Learn campaign regularly, you may follow me here too. 

Other programs which you may consider, can be mining game such as RollerCoin(with my honest review), collecting of Zen coins daily, collecting Zec & Doge Coin daily or daily collection of point at Coinhako and exchange into crypto assets at later date. 

*Affiliate Links Included in some of the links 


Everyone starts their crypto journey differently however avoid FOMO (Fear of missing out) & always practice risk management at all times for all form of investment portfolio. And learning/understanding the projects which you are involving is part of risk management too. 

** Disclaimer: This is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice especially on your budgeting **

Feel free to share about how you started on your crypto journey in the comment section.

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