What is Horizen (Zen) & how to earn its token daily

By Kate S | Adventures To The Moon | 28 Sep 2021

What is Horizen? 

Horizen first appeared as ZenCash in May 2017. In August 2018, the project underwent a brand expansion and emerged under their new name, Horizen. Horizen is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency and blockchain network. Its goal is to solve the scaling and security issues found in networks like Ethereum. Horizen focuses on scalable data privacy and enables businesses and developers to custom build their own public or private blockchains using its unique sidechain technology, Zendoo. 


Overview of Horizen's Technology - extracted from their offical website

One of the latest project which you can look into will be the release of ZkAudit. This is the first and only fully decentralized and privacy-enabled audit (proof of reserve) blockchain that doesn’t require any third-party validators, created through a partnership between Celsius and Horizen. You may read more about ZkAudit here

What is Zen?

ZEN, the native currency of Horizen, is a mineable PoW coin available on major crypto exchanges. The core crypto asset of the Horizen blockchain is ZEN with all of its privacy-focused features.

There are two types of ZEN addresses: T-Addresses and Z-Addresses.

T-Addresses are regular addresses similar to Bitcoin where anyone can see all of an account’s transaction history.
Z-Addresses are known as shielded addresses. If two Z-Addresses transact with each other the transactions remain private, anonymous, and completely hidden.

The price of Zen for the past 3 months ranges from $41.21 to $114.11. You may refer here to monitor its price.

How to earn Zen? 

You can earn though mining, taking part in their Secure Nodes & Super Nodes & collecting Zen Faucet. 
In this post, I will cover on Zen Faucet portion, where all you need to do is log in once daily to earn some Zen. If you are interested, you can join here.

Things which you need to take note:

  • Linking your social media accounts, will multiply the reward
  • Using brave browser, will increase the reward
  • Verified your wallet, will multiply the reward and instant withdrawal to the wallet you have addressed to. If not. you will only be able withdraw weekly

bonus with zen


How to Register & Verify your Zen Address wallet

1. You need choose between desktop or mobile wallet. I choose to have mobile wallet. 

2. Paste the zen's mobile wallet's address & click verify. 


Based on the above screenshot, if you are verifying your wallet through mobile app, please do it through your wallet mobile app. Do not click on "sign on mobile", it will not work. Just straight away open your mobile app instead. 


If you are using Coinomi wallet just like me, go to your Coinomi wallet > Horizen > Click on the 3 dots on the right side, and click on "Sign/Verify message"  & paste secret message in & copy the signature generated and paste back to step 3 (shown the above screenshot) 

Once this is completed, congrats you are ready to recieve Zen Faucet daily. If you interested to use my link to start collecting Zen Faucet, you may join here.

if you are interested to learn more about Horizen, you may check out their academy

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