What do you think of Bitcoins(BTC) & Cardano (ADA) in the recent crash? Let's look at them in general overview and at their charts

By Kate S | Adventures To The Moon | 13 Sep 2021

Last week, many peple are anticpating Bitcoin(BTC) to go straight to $100,000 without a halt. If you have been doing investment for a long run, you will definely know it's almost impossiblle. But have anyone notice it, in may 2021, there are many news mentioning that BTC is heading towards $100,000 then market crash. And for last 1-2 week or so, when many are claiming that once breakthrough of $51,000, there will be higher price before May 2021's crash and also BTC is heading towards $100,000, the same thing happened, the whole crypto market crash, is it pure concidence? 

And also it happened on the day when El Salvador, the Central American country became the first nation in the world to adopt BTC as a national currency. Another pure concidence? So many other cryptocurrencies, including Cardano(ADA) are also in bearish market together with BTC. However for Cardano, she has just succesfully completed her hard fork upgrade, which allow her the capability to launch smart contracts on the network, creates direct competition with the likes of Ethereum and Solana. Will this help the Prioe of ADA to recover faster? 

Now let's look into the charts of BTC and ADA. 

BTC USD D1 Chart

BTC/USD D1 13 Sep 2021

BTC USD W1 Chart

BTC/USD W1 13 Sep 2021

For BTC/USD, The important price remains $44,000 to $46,000. So whether you are longing or shorting, you definely must look at this range. And you should never trade if you are not confident in your stragety.  


ADA USD D1 Chart

ADA/USD D1 13 Sep 2021

ADA USD W1 Chart

ADA/USD W1 13 Sep 2021

For ADA/USD, the price which you might need to look out for likely will be at $2.20 area for some support. 

Last & not least, always remember that the market does not just follow just based on Technical Analysis only; sometime you need to take in consideration of the news. One of my favourite strategies is, if there are major news/events coming, I will just avoid adding new trades and enjoy looking at the markets. What about you?

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** Disclaimer: This is not intended to be investment advice. Always seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice **

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