Tutorial: Buy Atomic Wallet Token ($AWC) In Atomic Wallet

By xqanxxx | xqanxxx | 16 Jul 2020

A lot of Atomic Wallet Token (AWC) holders and people who just discovered AWC turn to ask this question "Where can I buy AWC". Even after receiving a great number of resources on how to get AWC tokens, we still see some of these questions in Atomic Wallet telegram groups.

This could be as a result of the suggested procedures being difficult or other unknown reasons. I have also covered how you can trade AWC on Binance Dex using wallet Connect here

As a response to address this issue, Atomic Wallet has rolled out an update on both Desktop and mobile apps that will allow users to buy AWC on Binance Dex without leaving their wallet.

Let go through a step by step guide on how to buy AWC in Atomic wallet with BNB.

Step 1

Open Atomic Wallet and tap on setting to access the "Tools" as indicated in the image below


Step 2

Press "Buy AWC" button to access the order form


Step 3

Now enter the amount of AWC you want to buy and it will automatically calculate how much you will need to pay in BNB. You can also choose to enter the amount in BNB and it will calculate how much AWC you should expect. Press the "BUY AWC" button below your screen to proceed to the final stage.


Step 4

The final stage is the confirmation page that provides you with relevant information about your transaction. This action places an order on Binance Dex and your funds get credit once your order is filled.


Step 5

Check your wallet to see if you've been credited. I actually bought 1 AWC twice that's how come I have 2 in my available balance.


Final Thought

It is now much easier to acquire AWC. be informed the AWC you acquire through Atomic wallet is the one on Binance Mainnet ( BEP2-AWC). If you want the ERC20 version, you can swap on changeNOW. 

The AWC token can be used for staking where you can earn up to 23% a year.  Other use cases including voting to list an asset in the wallet. If you're a supporter of a coin or token and want to manage them in Atomic Wallet, you can fill the voting form and encourage others to vote to list the asset. You also need AWC to receive cashback whenever you exchange or buy crypto with fiat in the wallet.

Download for Desktop Windows | MacOS | Ubuntu | Debian | Fedora

Download for Mobile Google Play | App Store

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