Passive Income Ideas: Atomic Wallet (AWC) Staking

By xqanxxx | xqanxxx | 17 Oct 2020


We are currently experiencing a bear market and as such our portfolio in terms of value has plummeted. Personally, I barely check my portfolio nowadays simply because I can stand it lol! You might be wondering what to do at this time of the market if you happen to be just a normal guy trying to find a quick x2, x3 of your investment.

This might have been possible if we were still in the DeFi season where you could easily multiply your investments in matters of hours, days, or probably weeks. Things seem not to go on well for most people in the space. Whenever you buy the dip, the next moment you realized it keeps on tanking. This is sometimes unbearable and as a matter of fact, it's the nature of the market so we need to find a way around it.

One way you could survive in this market is to invest in assets that will serve as a means to generate passive income. There are multiple coins and tokens you can invest and sit back for your money to work for you. Let look at Atomic Wallet and its native token.


Just last week, Atomic Wallet distributed a total of 15,565 $AWC worth of $11,600 to 7588 holders. Every week, we have new holders of $AWC. Staking AWC can get you up to 23% and rewards are sent each week usually on Mondays. At the time of posting, AWC was trading at $0.8927 and with a price change of 30% in the last 7days.

AWC can be acquired on Binance DEX, IDEX exchange HOO Exchange and a couple of others. Staking is only possible in Atomic Wallet and there is an option to buy AWC off Binance DEX with $BNB right in the wallet. The staking process is quite easy and requires no technical work.

The price of $AWC has recovered significantly and still has more room to improve. As soon as the market full recovers, AWC is likely to respond in a positive way which will manifest in our returns from staking.

For more details, visit the $AWC staking page

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