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By xqanxxx | xqanxxx | 9 Sep 2020


I have been the kind who loves to explore and try out new things. I have just contracted a WooCommerce Specialist on Fiverr to build an online store on WordPress. The next dilemma was choosing a payment processor for my newly created store. 

You know there are several payment platforms out there and deciding on which one to use requires critical analysis to make a well-informed decision. You definitely would consider fees, ease of integration while not compromising on security, target market, etc. After brainstorming with friends, I opted for NOWPayments

As a crypto enthusiast, It will be nice to accept payment in crypto for my services. NOWPayments has exactly what I was looking for. 

Cryptocurrencies are known for their speed when transacting with, their transparency, security, and above all crypto is ideal for peer-to-peer payments. Working with NOWPayments - a non-custodial payment platform enables me to accept many cryptocurrencies. 

Furthermore, NOWPayments has minuscule fees as compared to other platforms. I realized most of the well-known and centralized platforms had unbearable fees. 

Throughout the integration phase, the team was always there to assist with technical issues. I have access to my dashboard and my account manager that helps me to easily issue invoices to customers and monitor sales. In no time, my store will be opened for business. 

I urge any merchant wanting a reliable payment solution to contact NOWPayments. They have secure reliable APIs, plugins, and widgets you could use depending on what you want. 

Start Accepting Crypto Apply NOW 

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