Earn 20% APR Staking Atomic Wallet Token ($AWC)

Earn 20% APR Staking Atomic Wallet Token ($AWC)

By xqanxxx | xqanxxx | 2 Jun 2020


Atomic Wallet is set to officially announce the staking of its native token Atomic Wallet Coin ($AWC) with an annual percentage rate (APR) of 20%. The rate seems enticing, yes, this ain't a dream!

If you have had the change to update your android mobile wallet, you would have noticed $AWC staking has been added if you check from the staking tab. If that is not the case, it stands that I'm the first person to leak this secret info :) 

This will allow holders of the $AWC tokens earn passively for holding/freezing their BEP2-AWC (AWC on Binance Mainnet) via Atomic Wallet. The rate being offered is by far one the rewarding and comparatively outweighs other assets in the staking market today. Staking rewards are paid out every week and with as low as 100 $AWC, you will have another way of generating passive income.

What has kept Atomic Wallet Silent

At the time of writing, AWC staking is available on only the android version. It won't be cool for only android users to have the first-hand experience. In response to this, Atomic Wallet plans to implement $AWC staking in all versions i.e. IOS and the desktop wallet (Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora) before launching a massive promotion campaign targeting people of all walks of life.

Grab a pen and a paper let's do some basic maths

For example, if you have 1000 $AWC which is worth close to $195 at the time of posting, holding your funds will generate 200 #AWC by the end of one year. 

Monthly Earning
200 AWC / 12 months = 16.67 AWC ~ $3.23

Weekly = 4.18 AWC ~ $0.81
Daily = 0.6 AWC ~ $0.12

So with this calculation, we can have an idea of how much we will be raking in from our investment. Interestingly, Atomic Wallet's interface provides you with all this information. 

About Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a friendly cryptocurrency wallet that allows for the seamless management, trading and buying of crypto assets. It also offers users the possibility to stake varieties of POS assets as a means to earn by just holding their funds in a decentralized wallet. The good news is that Atomic Wallet is about to launch staking for its token $AWC even though you can stake them now on the android version.

Final Thought

I have been holding $AWC for more than two years and now that I will be able to receive rewards in AWC every week, I think its a good deal. Besides staking rewards, you can get cashback in $AWC for using the embedded instant exchange in Atomic Wallet. 

If you have managed to acquire some $AWC, you can now put them to use and receive rewards.And don't forget to participate in the twitter giveaway now that you have the key 

Learn about AWC: Atomic Wallet Coin ($AWC) Token

In my next post, I will cover how and where you can acquire AWC token and start staking from scratch. I hope you enjoyed this. Stay blessed until my next post.

Download Atomic Wallet: Android  |  IOSDesktop

You can use my invite code: PW7TJ and get 15 $AWC for FREE.


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