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The Xena Scrolls: Scroll #22: The Prodigal

By Brandy Seymour | Xena Scrolls | 1 May 2020

The Xena Scrolls
By: Gabrielle Bard of Podedia
Scroll# 22: The Prodigal

July, 48 B.C.

Scroll #22:  The Prodigal

I sing of my own journey to becoming a warrior and of the lesson of a truth within myself. Xena and I were traveling along a treacherous rocky cliff as I played my harmonious whistle instrument. There was much joy within my soul for all of the good that we had done together and for all of the adventures we had. Not only that, but I was joyful of the friendship that Xena and I had developed after all of the barriers that I had to go through to gain the trust of the warrior princess. Within my heart was singing for it had been on the right course though the life of a warrior is often not the most glamorous life that one might think. As I played my tune I was reminded of the story of Orpheus and how he could play tunes that could move mountains. Naturally I thought of testing my theory to the truths of a story for I had always found that with each story I had ever heard no matter how outrageous there was always at least one kernel of truth within it.
As I was about to test my theory of truth Xena forbade me to move forward with my plan. She did know me well and though I often don’t like to admit it. I’ve gotten us into a few tough spots with my undying curiosity. Like the time we found ourselves up against the Titans, or the time that I tried to stop a family feud and got sentenced to death at noon instead of welcomed as an ally by the King of Biocha. Xena was right again as always. She had always been right though I always wished that I could be right just once. And so I didn’t test my theory of trying to move massive jagged rocks with the sounds of my harmonious music. Instead we found ourselves interrupted by a new threat outside of my curiosity.
It was the threat of five rouges who had decided that they would take Xena and I as their prize. I find it funny how men always think of women as objects to be owned rather than the beautiful people that we are. The great amazon princess Terrayas once said that the world in which we live is a man’s world, but only because we allow it to be. In this moment I began to realize just how Helen of Troy must have felt when Mentalaeous, Paris, and Deifabous all battled to have her as their prize. So many lives were lost over this male need to possess. The rouges who challenged us demanded that Xena and I surrender. For if we did not they had prepared for us a demise and certain death. The men then revealed their weapons. A few cheap swords and a wagon with sharp logs aimed at us were their messages of threat. Xena was completely calm and collected as these events unfolded. I wasn’t so certain of the situation. I had found myself very uncertain a lot in the recent past.
Xena commanded her loyal steed Argo to advance running toward the enemy as she flipped into action. Then the warrior princess began to fight against the men who held swords. As she battled the odds of four against one that left one enemy for me to fight. It was obvious to me that Xena’s confidence in my abilities were beginning to expand. Yet her new-found confidence for me couldn’t have come at a worse time. Quickly I tried to think of what to do next as my lone enemy glared in my direction. He was prepared to pull the lever to the cart that would unleash certain death upon me. I had to stop him from pulling the lever and releasing the rocks beneath. As I looked about I found a large stone in the mud and retrieved it for a weapon. My staff would not work for I was too far away to attack or even defend, but the rock was perfect. As I launched it through the air I hit my mark perfectly upon his head.
As he fell backward his arm jerked the lever which released the rocks from beneath the cart at the top of the canyon. Suddenly, I found myself in a terrible new situation. My only thought was that I should duck under the cart and hope that it would blow over me. The large wooden wheels looked far enough apart for me to escape underneath. Quickly I fell to the ground awaiting the violent cart. As I fell to the ground I shouted out to Xena who was still fighting within the path of the cart. Suddenly Xena flipped into action and grabbed me returning me to my feet. Together we faced the large rolling cart. Then Xena dropped to the ground shouting for me to do the same. But I couldn’t. I was frozen as I saw the sharp edges of the logs upon the cart. They were coming straight for me and I could do nothing. My fear was so great that it was the only emotion I could react to. The mind was clouded by these fearful emotions. Within the moment before my certain death Xena cut my feet from under me and I fell hard to the ground.
As the cart passed above us I suddenly heard it crash upon the rocks just behind us. Our enemies ran for cover realizing that there was no way that they could defeat the warrior princess. As Xena rose from the ground in triumph she was delighted at our small battle. She felt that familiar warrior adrenaline that runs through your veins just as you’ve defeated the enemy. Xena was truly energized and excited commenting on how wonderful that moment had been. She was certain that I had shared in it with her, but sadly I had not. I slowly rose from the ground realizing that I had endangered my friend. If this battle had been like our battle at Troy or any other large battle I could have jeopardized her life as well. I found myself not being able to face the feeling of a fear that would endanger my friend. In my heart I knew that I could not react like a true warrior then I needed to do the only thing I could think to do. I needed to leave Xena behind and return to my home in Podedia. She would be much safer without having to worry about my freezing up in a tough situation.
Xena began to move onto the next moment upon asking if I was okay. Of course I replied that I was physically okay, but not within. The warrior princess suggested that we take the southern route along the river to our next destination. Although it would be longer it was certain to be more safe. Yet I wasn’t really thinking of our next journey together. As far as I could tell this battle against the rouges had been our last. Xena found herself confused that I didn’t agree that her travel plans were safe, but then I explained to her that I had to go home. She didn’t understand for I had never wanted to go home before. Xena wanted to know what I wanted to go home for and I explained that sometimes one needs her family to sort through life’s challenges. My friend and teacher was still confused by my emotional reaction. I explained that I needed to return home to my sister for I was certain that she would understand my feelings. Xena was offended at my comment for she thought that maybe I didn’t trust her. It was not an issue of trust at all.
Then Xena knew what the problem was. She realized that I was upset with myself for having frozen in the heat of battle. Xena explained with encouragement that every warrior has those moments of freeze. Yet I had never seen the warrior princess have a moment like that. Xena realized that I was right for she never felt that way in battle. She always seemed to know exactly what to do and how to handle any tough situation. I could sense that she was still upset that I did not wish to talk to her about it. Then I explained why I was really leaving. I explained that I did not want to endanger her because of my lack of reaction to a situation. She then explained that the solution was a very simple one. All a warrior must remember is that you never react. The answer was simple. It was act don’t react. But for me it was easier said than done. Yet Xena was still not willing to allow me to go. Even when I told her that having me around was a danger for her she accept the consequence of it. I could not accept that consequence. I could not accept being the reason Xena’ s life was in jeopardy. And I knew that she would give her life for me. When that day would come I would still be without her and if I could not stand on my own then she would be giving her life for mine in vain.
And so I stood firm on my choice to go back to Podedia. Xena understood. She inquired if I was coming back. I told her that I was uncertain. That it would depend on what I discovered when I returned home to Podedia. I could sense my friend’s disappointment that I was leaving, but I had made my choice. Soon I was on my way back on the road to home. A part of me was excited for I was going to see my sister again. I had missed Lilla very much in the days since I had been gone. She was important to me as were my family and friends back home. Upon seeing Perdicous at Troy I had been reminded of how I had left everyone without saying good-bye although I had said good-bye to Lilla.
My journey home was just as grueling as the journey to find Xena had been. Though I had a road map handy it didn’t seem to unravel the mysteries of the roads that all men travel. All I could think of was the twenty-two leagues which stood between me and my home. And of the great stories of a far off land where they had a monument known as the Sphinx. It seemed to me that men knew more about the Sphinx than they did about their own roads. My frustrations were beginning to get the best of me. I was finding that I was getting tired of walking the road home alone. So I decided to find the main road back to Podedia and hopefully catch a ride. Yet that was easier said than done for not too many traders are kind-hearted. I tried waving, being friendly, I even tried to show a little leg. But none of those tactics worked so I tried the only one I had left. I posed as an expecting young mother. Certainly no man could turn down a ride for her. As the first cart began to pass me by I was angered that not even an expecting mother was worth stopping for.
I struck my luck soon after I began to curse those who chose to pass by. An old traveler stopped and offered me a ride. The irony of it was that it was the same old man I had ridden to Amphipolis with when I had tried to catch up to Xena before. It was a pleasure to see him and I told him more stories, but this time they were my own stories and not those I learned in a tavern back home. We argued about the truth of King Sisyphus and his wife Caron. He was certain that he knew Sisyphus, but it didn’t sound as if we were talking about the same man. The old traveler was shocked to see how much I had changed since our last encounter. I decided to embellish a little on how I came to be expecting. My memory of Tallus and of his stories that healed suffering souls came to mind.
Finally our journey together was over and I asked the old traveler to drop me off. He was concerned for me because it was still a day’s walk from the road to Podedia. Yet I assured him that I’d be okay for I knew a shorter route through the woods. My old friend was shocked at my adventurous endeavor, but he couldn’t stop a young girl from her passions and so he traveled on without me.
As I walked through the woods I was reminded of the last time I had been through them. I thought of that silly cyclops I had encountered and wondered where he might have gone. He was probably pretty angry by now that I had not brought him the warrior princess as promised.
When I reached the neighboring village to Podedia I found it in ruin. It was smoldering with the remnants of a fierce fire that had recently burnt it down. All was quiet as I walked through to investigate. The village seemed eerie as if something was not right. And then I saw a man who seemed very upset and saddened. He was digging a grave alone in the ruins. When I tried to get his attention he ignored me as if I wasn’t there. Finally I broke through to him and inquired of his despair. My heart cried for his knowing he must have suffered some great tragedy. He spoke of the small army of thieves which belonged to Damon and of how they had demanded constant food and supplies from his village.
He said that he had held back for his young son in the coming winter knowing that he would be hungry if all the food was turned over to Damon’s army. Because of his defiance Damon and his army killed almost all in the village and burned it to the ground. Yet this man of despair asked that I not pity himself or the dead. He asked instead that I pity the people of Podedia for it was where Damon had declared he would be striking next. Suddenly my heart began to pound with worry and of concern. I hoped that I was not too late to save my own village from ruin. Without another question I dashed through the woods toward home. Just as I reached the last cliffs I peeked over them with the hope that Podedia would still be standing. Thankfully it was and my heart could breathe a sigh of relief, but I knew in my mind that time was very short. So I continued to run until I finally reached the gates of my familiar home.
As I entered into Podedia all was silent. It was as if it were a ghost town for it seemed deserted. Yet there were still fresh chickens hanging in the market and wet laundry drying on the lines. Nothing, but the frantic tumbleweeds blew through as I raised my staff ready to do battle. It seemed to me as if everyone had fled for their lives hearing of the wrath of Damon and his army. I then approached the door to my home tavern where I had first realized that I wanted a life of adventure. Slowly I pushed the door open with the edge of my staff and as I entered the quiet tavern there was a sudden burst of excitement and energy. Everyone was in the tavern and they were holding a surprise party for someone that I did not know. I was startled by this unexpected welcome. It was kind of nice to be welcomed with such enthusiasm, but it quickly disappeared into disappointment.
No one had expected that Gabrielle would walk through the door. Instead I was approached by my sister who hugged me with relief. My heart filled with joy to be with her again. But my heart was quickly reminded by the mind of the danger which awaited me and my village. I announced to all in the tavern that Damon was on his way to cause harm to us all. Yet no one seemed surprised by this as if it were old news. Then I was approached by the village magistrate Ferris. He first asked me with great sarcasm if I had brought the great warrior princess along with me. When I answered that I had come alone he told me that they didn’t need Xena’s help at all for they had been awaiting Meleager the Mighty. That name sounded very familiar to me. He was a well-known warrior who had killed over 100 men single-handedly at Lagoria. Yet I was corrected by Lilla who said it had been 200 men, and then by Ferris who declared with great pride that it had been 250. Then the mighty warrior entered into the tavern himself to correct us all. The exact number he had fought and killed single-handedly had been 317. Yet numbers were seemingly unimportant at the moment. I was more curious about why Meleager was in Podedia. Ferris explained that they had hired Meleager to ward off an attack by Damon and his small army. In fact, Ferris was willing to pay 50,000 dinars to Meleager to finish off Damon.
Although Meleager was told to be a mighty warrior my first impression of him was not at all a mighty one. Instead he seemed drunk, disoriented, and selfish. Melegear did not fit the mold of the typical heroic warrior that I had learned about. As he presented himself to the people he stumbled asking of Ferris the payment they had agreed upon. Ferris reminded the drunk that he was to get half before and the other half when the job was finished. It seemed to me that all the old washed up drunk was concerned about was where he was going to buy his next drink. And then suddenly as the townspeople began to leave the tavern Meleager the Mighty became Meleager the not so tidy. He fell to the ground drunk beyond control. Meleagar passed out and left Lilla and I with his responsibilities.
Ferris instructed us to take him to our home and to revive him. He assumed since I had traveled with a warrior that I knew exclusively how to deal with warriors. He was right. I did know how to deal with warriors, but I didn’t know how to deal with a drunk. Lilla and I struggled to pull off Meleager’s boots. They were strapped onto his nasty feet pretty tightly. When we finally did yank them off they didn’t smell much better. I could at least give him that. He did smell like a true warrior. I found myself disgusted with his behavior and his lack of concern and respect for my village, and himself. As I explained to Lilla that a true warrior did not behave in this way and that Xena had never taught me these warrior lessons. Lilla rose from the ground angrily as she threw one of Malleagar’s nasty boots in my face. She was clearly upset with me and I wasn’t really sure why. Lilla just mumbled something about Xena being better and then stormed off. Unfortunately she had left me with the task of reviving the drunk and hopefully bring him to a presentable state.
Later in the day Meleager did finally manage to regain consciousness. He returned to the tavern with me while I tried desperately to work through my issues with Lilla. As Meleager continued to drink himself toward oblivion Lilla and I ended up out in the town square arguing in a way that we had never argued before. Lilla was furious that I had left her for so long. But before we could finish our confrontation some of Damon’s men came into the town square for more supplies. They began to harass the defenseless villagers of my village. Suddenly Lilla and I decided that we would return to the tavern to find Meleager at the bar.
When we urged Meleager to come out and fight Damon’s men he only proceeded to ask where his money was. He was completely disoriented. In fact, he didn’t even know the name of the village he was drinking in. Again he fell over passing out onto the floor. Lilla became panicked, but I had a plan that would at least scare the enemy off until we could restore our only hope. So Lilla and I constructed a simple pulley and tied Meleager the puppet to it. Lilla controlled the motions of our great hero as I did all of the talking. I threatened the enemy with Malleager’s reputation as Lilla made his limbs appear to be ready to do battle.  Luckily my bluff worked and his reputation was larger than life because the plan worked scaring off the enemy temporarily.
I then decided that somehow I had to get control of this disastrous situation. Lilla was still certain that Meleager was our only hope, but I wasn’t so certain that he was up to the task. In fact, I told Lilla that our best chance was to rally the village people and to lead them in a fight against Damon and his men. It was quite obvious that Meleager was a useless drunk at best.
When Lilla and I returned Meleager to our home he was still passed out. But if he was any kind of warrior then he would be able to sense my malicious approach. I instructed Lilla to fetch a pail of cold water just in case my plan failed me. As I prepared to slap him silly to awaken him from his drunken slumber I found that my instincts were correct. His warrior training had sensed my approach and despite his drunken stuper his eyes flew open as he raised his sword to block my advance. He warned that I need not come any closer and that he was indeed alert. Then he looked about and asked me where he was. As he began to fumble through names of many villages I corrected him with frustration.
Then he asked me for another drink. I could not allow him to have another drop. And yet I wanted to understand why he was so broken. There had to be some truth to the heroic stories of Meleager the Mighty. As I tried to urge him that he had a job to do. I scolded him for his nasty disrespectful behavior. Meleager seemed agitated at my lashing out at him. He was certain that a farm girl could never understand the life and trials of a warrior. I knew that I wasn’t a real warrior like Xena, but I did know of the life of a warrior. As Meleager tried to convey the hardships which had brought him here to this terrible moment of his life I began to realize that I could understand him and connect. He described all of the things that I had encountered with Xena. Meleager spoke of the betrayal, and of not knowing who one could trust. He spoke of the blood, and of the violence that a warrior must face every day. He spoke of all of the things that no one ever hears about the story of the true warrior. And as he spoke I began to relate and I began to realize that he became a drunk after realizing that even a warrior as mighty as he could freeze in a tough moment of battle. I completely understood this for it was the reason I had come home. His escape was drinking and mine was to abandon my heart’s desire.
It was clear to me what I had to do. I had come home to escape the warrior life, but found that it had followed me there. My job now was to restore the true warrior within Meleager and within myself. Once again Meleager tried to take his misery back to the bottle, but Lilla came in at just the right time drenching with a dose of real cold water. It was reality at its best. Once we restored him to a state of sobriety the three of us began our mission together to save Potedia.
Our first step was to go into the woods and create a barrage for our defenses to come. Yet we needed to find coverage trees in order to make the barrage a success. Meleager could easily follow my plan, but Lilla was quite confused. She tried desperately to keep up with the warrior jargon, but found herself frustrated by her lack of understanding. Meleager and I decided that in order to move things along more quickly we would have to split up to find our coverage trees. Lilla and I went in one direction while Meleager went alone in the other. My sister’s anger burst into another argument as we continued to look for the coverage trees. She scolded me once again for leaving her behind for so long. Lilla was angry that I had gone though when I had left she had been supportive. I was confused by this for if she had told me before how she truly felt I might not have been able to leave her behind.
Lilla confirmed that she had indeed been supportive of my need for the adventure, but because I had not been back to Podedia to visit since I had left she felt that I had forgotten about her. I began to understand her deep resentment for Xena and her anger. She thought that maybe Xena had replaced Lilla’s spot within my heart. This was far from the truth. It had been that spot within my heart that had ached to see Lilla once again. Xena did have a special place too, but it could never replace the part of me that needed my sister. Then in the hope that I could further comfort my sister’s concerns I declared that I had come home for good because my heart had missed her dearly. Lilla found herself satisfied with this and she forgave me for my mistake.
Soon after our resolution of the heart we heard a shout coming from Meleager. It sounded like he had been attacked. Lilla and I ran back toward the place where we had left him alone. I was certain that he had been taken by the enemy for I had caught wind of a reward for Meleager’s capture by the warlord Romulus in my travels with Xena. His brother had been one of those whom Meleager had killed in his battle at Laguria. The reward had been for 50,000 dinars alive and 20,000 dead. I was certain that Damon had taken Meleager to his camp as I studied the scene of the battle.
Meleager had been attacked by the first man, but he had been able to take the enemy down. But two more men came from behind in a surprise retaliation and knocked him out most likely with the handles of their swords. Then I spotted drag marks. They were the kind made by a litter. I decided that I would go to Damon’s camp to rescue Meleager while Lilla went back to our village to warn of the danger. Our village had to be prepared just in case Meleager had been killed before I reached Damon’s camp. As I followed the marks I decided that I would slow down Damon’s army giving Podedia more time to prepare for their attack. I did not expect to make it back myself, but I knew that Lilla could handle things in my absence. She had grown up so much since I had last seen her.
As I approached the horses I was captured by Damon’s guards and they took me directly to Damon. Of course this worked to my advantage for there I found Meleager who was still alive, but captive. The two of them appeared to be working out a deal regarding the price on Meleager’s head. When Damon asked me what I had been doing roaming around his horses I began to try talking my way out of the situation. Yet when I mentioned the great philosopher Sophocles he seemed very uninterested and decided to have me killed instead. Just before I was about to be cut across the throat by my capture Meleager stepped forward. He declared that if he had a bit more romantic incentive he may be able to be persuaded to join Damon and his army.
And so I was taken to one of the many tents within Damon’s camp. As I awaited my uninvited lover I wondered if I could even trust Meleager. Soon I heard him approaching quite enthusiastic at this turn of events. And then when he came inside his tone changed as he questioned my appearance into Damon’s camp. In that moment I knew that Damon was a true ally. I tried to convince him that I had come to rescue him, but he wasn’t so certain that I had succeeded. Then he asked me if I had a plan. I didn’t, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t come up with one on short notice. Moments later my sharp wit kicked in as Meleager and I staged a performance like no other for the guards outside the tent. We basked in a passionate love scheme though it was strictly for the purpose of performance and escape. My plan worked as the guards became very distracted by the passion which came from within. Meleager was easily able to take them down as we escaped Damon’s camp undetected.
When we returned to Podedia we immediately began to build our defenses within the walls of the village. I of course led the troops rallying everyone including Meleager.  Together we made a great team of warriors. And after all of the necessary preparations had been made we all took turns standing watch for the return of Damon and his army.  Meleager and I were certain that Damon would return with his entire force once he figured out that Meleager and I had escaped.
A day and a night went by. Lilla and I were standing guard during the early morning hours together. Of course she fell asleep on duty. But it did not matter. What was important was that together we were about to defeat the evil which was about to threaten our village. I woke Lilla accidentally startling her. She was disappointed that she had fallen asleep on watch and had thought that maybe I would be angry. But I was not at all angry. Instead I spoke to her of the changes I had seen within her. She was no longer that little sister that needed my guidance. Lilla was a grown young woman able to stand on her own two feet. In fact, she had become extremely assertive and expressive which was a new side to my sister. Yet I liked this side of her and loved her even more.
As Lilla began to watch once more I began to find myself thinking of Xena again. I realized that I had come home hoping to return to a place that no longer existed. My sister no longer needed her big sister to show her the way. I was no longer obligated to marry a farm boy. And I even found that many people were still upset with me for leaving. Then I wondered out loud what Xena would have thought of me and my sister leading our village into battle. Lilla declared that Damon’s army was on its way, but I was still in deep thought. My spirit leapt with true confidence for the first time. Finally Lilla got my attention and declared once more that our battle was about to begin. Quickly I gave my first order asking Lilla to tell Ferris to sound the warning bell.
Then I ran to our home to awaken Meleager, but when I reached his bed he was not there. My heart sank when I realized that he had still not yet recovered from losing is nerve. I was certain to find him back in the tavern drinking, but when I arrived there I only found Ferris and an empty chest. Ferris was certain that Meleager had stolen the money and made a run for the hills. He was ready to give up without Meleager, but I was not. Instead I gathered Lilla and explained to Ferris that sometimes we must expect the unexpected. Xena and I had been through tougher spots than this. We were ready and prepared. But Ferris argued that we were not. He was not willing to stand up and fight. Ferris even went as far as to accuse me of being an outsider to my own home. But my sister stood up to defend me. She gave the most wonderful and uplifting speech to the village.
Lilla explained to everyone that we must all stand up and fight together. She told the village that it had a warrior despite what everyone believed. Lilla declared me to be a worthy warrior who would lead Podedia and its people to victory. She reminded everyone that a student of Xena could be one of the best gifts the village could have. And so I took command once again preparing all to take their battle positions. As Damon’s men came through the village gates they hit our first line of defense. It was a simple contraption which tripped them up knocking them off of their feet. The second line of defense were the hot cauldrons of stew which fell upon their heads. And finally we had the ultimate distraction awaiting Damon’s men. It seemed that no man could resist the offer of a beautiful maiden. As the young women enticed the thieves into the pit of their own despair. Village men, women, and children attacked with pots, pans, pails, and bags of wheat.
The weapons of villagers are simple, but these weapons were enough to ward off Damon’s men. We had won our first battle of defense for we had used the element of surprise in our favor. Damon’s men did not expect a retaliation. They had not expected that simple villagers would stand up and fight for what they valued most. I had learned from Xena that all that is good is worth fighting and defending. Yet I also knew that Damon and his men would regroup and then return more fierce than they had been this time. Ferris was clearly upset that I had led Podedia into this war. He was fearful of what would happen during the next battle. Ferris decided that he was going to go and surrender, but I knew that a surrender would not lead to peace within Podedia for I had seen this kind of evil before.
Suddenly Damon rode into the village and declared that his men prepare to take the village. He scolded them for having been defeated by women, old men, and children. Damon was prepared to destroy my village, but then something spectacular happened. A spear came out of nowhere piercing through the first line of Damon’s men. Every one of them had been struck through the heart by the single weapon. Then it was clear to me where Meleager had gone. He had taken the money to buy the weapons needed to fight this ugly battle. Meleager continued to hurl spears at the enemy as he took out every line of men that stood before us. Then he was left with a one on one confrontation with Damon himself. I fought alongside Meleager hoping to help in any way that I could, but Damon took me down and threatened to slice through my sister, and I with a single hook for his hand.
Just when I thought that it was over for me I took advantage of the rake beneath my feet. I talked through to Damon telling him my feet were limp as I prepared to strike him with the rake. Just before he was about to strike I struck him in the back of the head with the rake beneath my feet. Damon released my sister and threw me violently to the ground. I looked up as he prepared to take my life, but I was saved by Meleager the Mighty. Then I acted rolling out of danger as Meleager took over. He kicked Damon and scolded him for attacking defenseless women. Damon turned away from Meleager talking to distract his foe. Then he reached for his dagger and whipped around to throw it at Meleager.  Meleager acted swiftly dodging the dagger marked for him.  He then pulled his sword into combat against Damon like a true warrior.
Meleager was brave, and mighty as he fought Damon. Yet Damon was tough and skilled. Damon took Meleager’s weapon and knocked Meleager to the ground. Just as Meleager was about to freeze in the face of danger I shouted out to him to rally his confidence. Meleager quickly acted as he kicked Damon’s sword high into the sky flipping his enemy over with his powerful legs. As Damon slammed down upon his back he had little time for his own sword plunged itself into his stomach killing the warlord instantly. For a moment I could see within Meleager’s eyes the regret that a warrior feels upon taking another life, but then I reassured Meleager with a smile.  Meleager the Mighty had defeated evil and that was all that was important. His win had saved more lives than it had taken.
Later that evening there was a celebration for Melaegar who seemed disappointed that he was being honored instead of Podedia’s warrior Gabrielle. Yet I was glad to see that he had returned to his mighty self for it had not been my sword that had taken Damon down. Meleager declared me to be the true warrior. Then he left, but there was still something unsettling within. I sat within the village tavern contemplating how I would tell Lilla that I needed to return to Xena. She would certainly be upset with me for wanting to leave again, but my heart kept telling me that I must go. Then Lilla approached me noticing my mood. When she asked to buy my thoughts with a dinar I told her not to waste her money. But then Lilla handed me my warrior gear a simple bag, bed roll, and staff. She told me that she knew what I must do. She would be sad to see me go, but she was certain that my heart would suffer if I stayed in Podedia. Lilla declared that it was my destiny to do great things alongside the warrior princess the way that I had helped save my own village from ruin. She knew that I loved her, my family, and friends, but Lilla said that I must live my life’s desire for I would regret it if I did not.
My sister was right. She was genuine and supportive. As always she understood me better than anyone ever could. I found it difficult to say good-bye, but it was comforting to know her love was behind me. And so I found myself traveling back down the wooded rocky path of the warrior life in search of Xena once more. Soon danger followed me once more as I met up with the same five rouges I had battled before. In fact, I found that they were in the same place that I had seen them before. In the canyon of the large boulders they awaited me. This time I was alone and they made note. Again they asked me to turn myself over to them without a fight. But I would not. I saw that they had improved their threat. Their cart now had a shield at the bottom so that I could not duck beneath it to safety. This time it was face the cart of sharp stakes without a possible escape.
My heart pounded, but I was ready as I battled against the two rouges behind me. I whipped around and knocked them with my staff. They fell to the ground in defeat. But the leader of the rouges gave his command and the wrath of the cart was released. As it barreled down the hill toward me I charged it without a second thought. Suddenly, I put down my staff and hurled over the top of the cart to safety. My action was followed by a loud crash and then a wave of relief came over me. Yet it lasted for only a short moment as the three remaining rouges pulled their swords ready to battle to the death. Just when I thought I was out numbered the sound of a sharp wisp charged through the air. It was Xena’s silver chackram that had swooped down into the canyon as it took off the sharp edges of each sword that challenged me.
Then I heard Xena’s battle cry as she flipped down into the canyon to join me in the battle. But the enemy ran fearful of their lives. They were certain that they could not go up against the wrath of the great warrior princess. And so I was glad to be on the road again. My heart was singing with the joy of knowing that my journey with Xena to do good was to continue. She was pleased to see how well I had performed under pressure alone. I was surprised to find that I would run into her in the very place that we had parted before. Yet she wasn’t for she had been on her way to Podedia to see how things were going. Then I was full of that warrior excitement for I had not frozen in the face of danger. I had stood alone with the confidence of a budding great warrior.

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Xena Scrolls
Xena Scrolls

Xenaverse Timeline A Brief Overview In 1940 Dr. Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas the daughter of the late Mel Pappas joined forces on an archeological dig in Macedonia. What they uncovered were the first of over 100 ancient scrolls written by a bard from the ancient village of Podedia located in ancient Thrace. In the words of the late Dr. Covington, “These scrolls will revolutionize the way we look at the ancient world.”

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