The Xena Scrolls: Scroll #112: Livia

By Brandy Seymour | Xena Scrolls | 4 Jul 2021

The Xena Scrolls

By:  Gabrielle Bard of Podedia

Scroll #112: Livia

July, 18 B.C.

     Xena and I awoke from death’s essence inside of an icy tomb upon a snow covered mountain.  Neither of us could understand how we had ended up there.  Xena immediately realized that something had gone wrong with the plan to save her daughter from the wrath of the Gods, and to escape her own mortal death proclaimed by the fates.  Octavious was supposed to meet us at the ocean upon our waking with an unharmed baby Eve.  But Octavious was not there.  Then Xena realized that there was only one other who could have been responsible for this unexpected flaw in our escape of death.  Ares must have had a hand in all of this, and now there was only one thing left to do as Xena and I set off to find baby Eve.

     As we walked the path down to the foot of the mountain we reached a small village.  This village was not familiar to the warrior princess and she seemed confused as she looked about.  In fact, everything was strange for us, and nothing about this place looked remotely familiar.  A local village woman approached us asking if we were lost.  When Xena asked her where it was that we had traveled to the woman had said that we had arrived at the bottom of Mount Edna though it was many marathons from the meeting place we had planned to find Octavious with baby Eve.  Xena then asked of Ares expecting him to appear as he always did when she called upon him.  But this time Ares did not appear.  Then the woman told us that Ares had not been seen in the area since the death of the legendary Xena twenty-five in years passing.    This was a shocking revelation to Xena and I.  This meant that Eve was all grown up and that was only if she had survived the wrath of Ares.

     Xena’s next question was of Octavious.  The local woman responded that she knew nothing of a powerful man named Octavious of Rome, but that Caesar Augustus was emperor.  She was sour upon speaking his name as she continued on about his lover who was known as Livia champion of Rome.  This champion of Rome was said to be more powerful and blood-thirsty than any warlord known to the land in several years past.  It was said that Livia was responsible for slaughtering the lives of many of the followers of Eli.  I was intrigued to know that Eli’s legacy of love and peace was still alive after all of these years and it suddenly inspired a new hope for me within.  I yearned to know more about Eli’s followers, but my questions were seemingly old news for the local woman could see that I was out of the loop. 

     As Xena and I began to travel toward Rome to find Octavious and Eve we came into another village along the road.  There we saw a most extraordinary thing.  It was a memorial dedicated to our lives and adventures in the fight for the greater good.   Upon the entrance of this tavern memorial were two sais and a chakram resembling the one Xena had once carried a quarter century before.  We entered the tavern in awe of what we found inside.  It was like a shrine to a pair who had once traveled the land together in an effort to protect the will of mortals and their desires for peace.  In fact, there was even an authentic scroll written by the bard herself hanging on the wall on display for all to see.  I was flattered, but soon another surprise entered the tavern hall.  It was a familiar voice.  The voice belonged to an old friend to Xena otherwise known as Meg, but she was aged with grey hair and she had gained a few pounds.  As I looked on I could not believe that this was Meg for Meg had once looked identical to Xena.  It was almost like a bad dream.   Yet Xena and I insisted amongst ourselves under hushed whispers with one another that it truly must be Meg.  We really had been sealed away from life for twenty-five years and just when we were coming to accept this new reality Joxer entered and began to squabble with Meg.  He too was aged a great deal.  His hair no longer brown and clean cut, and his familiar round strainer for a chest plate removed from his wardrobe.   

     I called out to Joxer interrupting the squabble between a now married Joxer and Meg.  Joxer turned his head as his face showed annoyance to my interruption, and then suddenly changing to disbelief for there stood his life’s love and Xena the warrior princess.  He slowly hobbled over to us throwing his old arms around us in a loving embrace.  It had been twenty-five years for Joxer, but only a blink of an eye for Xena and I.  The people he had most cherished in his youth had come back from death not aging  a single day.  Meg interrupted the happy reunion for her husband stating that she had not remembered me with short hair.  The last time she had seen me was before our trials in India.  But this did not phase Joxer for he immediately invited us to sit down for a drink and a meal and to reminisce about old times.

     Joxer spoke of how he had figured out that we had not died at the hand of the gods though we had convinced them of our deaths successfully.  As Joxer told the end of the story looking death in the eye it must have been a fate to see for he had watched me perish with Eve in the fiery crash of the wagon, and then Xena had faked her own suicide upon the cart's burning wreckage upon the beach sealing our fates.  Ares himself had watched her drink the poison, but it was not poison at all only the tears of Celesta bringing upon the essence of death.  Joxer spoke of how the gods were satisfied with our staged deaths and had disappeared leaving only Ares behind, but before Joxer could save us from Ares the god of war had taken us away disappearing within two flashes.  That was the key which unlocked the mystery to our mysterious twenty-five year disappearance. 

     Then Joxer told of how he had bought my last known scroll for sixty-five dinars years before hoping that it would unlock the secret of our disappearance with Ares after finding Octavious who had revealed to Joxer that we were in fact not dead, but alive.    Xena and I were still in shock as Joxer continued his story.  He had said that he had not given up on his search until the day Xena’s horse Argo passed.  There was sorrow in Xena’s voice over the loss of her beloved horse, but she was comforted to know that Argo spent her last days with a good friend.  The moment of sadness ended quickly for Joxer was tickled to have his best friends back, and soon he had a surprise for us.

      We went out to the stables and there Xena met for the first time the daughter of Argo.  Joxer had fittingly named her Argo the second.  He told Xena that he allowed no one to ride her and then suddenly Xena was saddling up the young horse.  Argo the second warmed up to Xena immediately as if she had always known Xena, and with that leap over the fence you knew that Xena the warrior princess was back in business.  And then another surprise revealed himself.  It was Joxer’s son Virgil who had grown into a handsome young man.  It was funny to imagine that one day we would be meeting the son of Joxer the Mighty.  Virgil had heard his father tell many stories of our great adventures, and now that Xena had her horse she was ready to go to Rome in search of her own child.  Joxer immediately insisted that he and his son go with Xena and I to Rome since things had changed a great deal since the last time our clan had traveled the road together.  Joxer was truly excited that he would be going off on yet another adventure with Xena and I.  He had dreamed of this day for a very long time and so we were off to find Octavius the last known caregiver to Eve.

     Upon arriving in Rome things had changed.  It was barely recognizable.  Xena immediately went looking for Octavoius as the most recent Roman champion rode through the gates into Rome for her victory march.  Xena had decided that she would attend the victory party certain that she would find Octavious there.  Joxer insisted that he should go with Xena on this mission to find Octavious, but his old body was not in agreement though his spirit stood strong.  Old Joxer coughed as he tried to shout out his title of Joxer the Mighty, but it was no use. 

     Later that night Xena was in despair for she had discovered that the victory march had been for Livia champion of Rome.   Not long after Xena went looking for Octavious the Roman guard approached with an announcement.  They had stated that Livia was building a new temple to the god of war and needed the money of the citizens of Rome to finish the project.  As they approached the three Greek travelers Joxer refused with passion to pay for a shrine to the god of war for it was Ares that had robbed him of his friends so many years before. 

     The guards seized him for his disobedience to them and asked if the three strangers were followers of Eli.  The bard Gabrielle stated that it was a mortal’s choice as to what faith she would follow.  This was an answer that displeased them and so the fight began.  Gabrielle fighting side by side with Virgil Joxer's young handsome son taking on the Roman guard.  And as always Joxer wanted to be a part of the action as he tried to draw his old sword from its scabbard with little success.  The fight continued with Virgil and Gabrielle delivering kicks and punches faster than the enemy could send its men.  Joxer again struggled to draw his sword and this time he was successful as he raised it above his grey head in triumph shouting in an old frail voice that he was Joxer the Mighty.  And as those familiar words came through Joxer’s old arms couldn’t hold the sword up for thrust as he fell backwards to the ground.

     The Roman enemy took advantage of the old man’s weakness and captured him jamming a knife to his throat.  Virgil and Gabrielle had no choice and so they surrendered the battle and the three were taken to a Roman prison.  While in the prison they discovered that all who were there had been followers of Eli.  They didn’t deserve to be there.  Livia the champion of Rome had condemned them and shortly thereafter she entered the prison to look for their champion which she had planned to fight to the death in the great colosseum of Roman games.  As she entered the prison dressed in Roman armor Gabrielle noticed something familiar about her.  And then it dawned on her.  Livia was Eve the daughter of Xena.  And it all made sense.  Eve, as did Xena, had a dark side and had become a conquerer just as Xena had before meeting Gabrielle.  This meant that there was hope.  There was a chance that she too could be turned around just as Xena had turned from the darkness to the light.  Hope consumed Gabrielle as Eve entered to choose the challenger.  Gabrielle stepped forward offering a strong word of goodness hoping Eve would get the message.  Eve could be good if she only knew that there was goodness inside of her.  Gabrielle was determined to show it to her.

     Eve’s response was small and almost non-existent as Gabrielle spoke to her softly in almost a mothering voice.  Instead she looked to Virgil and chose him as her challenger.  And just as quickly as Eve had come she had left.  She didn’t know who she was which was what made Gabrielle realize that she would be able to save her. It was a matter of time and nothing more.  Maybe this would be Gabrielle’s chance to make up for the things she had not done for her own daughter.

     As for Xena she had confronted the current Caesar and when she did she had realized that Caesar Augustus was really Octavoius.  Octavious was shocked to see a youthful Xena.  He turned away from her as if thinking that she was only an illusion, but she was real.  She was present and there below rode in the champion of Rome Livia.  Xena could not believe her eyes.  There was her daughter Eve whom she had vowed to show a better way than the blood of battle, but she was too late.  She was twenty-five years too late.  Xena was angry and devastated for her child had been stolen from her.  Her chance to make up for the wrongs committed by herself and against her son Solan was and had been stolen away from her in a simple blink of an eye.

     Octavious was not disappointed as he stood by the choices he had made for the safety of Livia.  Octavious had not raised her, but he had made sure she would have the best of everything.  She had grown up in the Roman provinces and been given the best possible Roman education and Roman training.  But Xena was not satisfied or even the slightest bit humored by this.  She left Octavious with a range of emotions.

      Later she finally caught up with Livia or Eve rather.  Her worst nightmare filled her eyes as she opened the door and witnessed Eve kissing the God of War passionately.  Xena interrupted this little love fest and Ares quickly responded.  He too was shocked to see the love of his eternal fire appearing before him again with not one shred of age.  She even had that same look and that same presence that he had fallen in love with the first time he had witnessed her in battle.  As Ares walked toward Xena he went for the passion in his heart.  He longed to touch lips with the warrior princess.  But Livia was not amused by this mysterious lover of his.  She was from his past.  There was no respect for the warrior woman from the young champion of Rome.  She threatened to kill the intruder, but Ares suggested that it wasn’t necessary.  Ares implied that Eve the daughter of Xena must still be alive if she had come all of this way from the icy grave in which he had buried her.  He was suspicious as Xena denied that her daughter was alive though breathing before her with anger and hatred out of control.

     Xena quickly exited the scene more confused and more worried than before.  Knowing that Ares had been the one who had tapped into her daughter’s dark side just as he had done to her so many years before.  Xena knew how it felt to be promised the world only to find oneself following the wrong path to self-destruction and darkness.  There was only one thing that she could do to get Ares out of her life and so she went back to Octavious.  He was not pleased to see her again.  In fact Octavious was annoyed.  Xena asked for his help in revealing the truth about Ares to her daughter.  At first Octavious objected.  He loved Livia and he was going to marry her, but Xena convinced him of Livia’s passionate love for the god of war.  Octavious was reluctant to surrender his plans to marry Livia, but Xena convinced him otherwise and he went along with it.

     That night at a party in honor of Livia Xena approached Ares in disguise.  He asked to be poured a drink and then he was surprised as Xena revealed her identity in a seductive manner.  She knew how to handle Ares and she knew how to tap into his manly desires though he was a very powerful god.  The plan was set in motion as Octavious requested a word with Livia and as she approached Octavious she caught sight of Ares passionately kissing his mysterious lover.  Anger consumed the young champion of Rome and then Octavious knew the truth.  He was disappointed and hurt that Livia had not been truthful about her love for him.  She loved Ares and only wanted Octavious to have the power of Rome and the world at her command. 

     As Octavious and Livia separated in anger Ares had figured out that Livia was indeed Eve the daughter of Xena.  He revealed this knowledge to Xena and Xena pleaded with Ares not to reveal her secret to the other Gods.  Ares refused.  His condition was as always…”Be mine and we’ll have a child together and with that I’ll take Eve’s secret to the grave.”  And with that Ares disappeared as always in a flash of godly style.

      On the next day Livia champion of Rome was introduced in the colosseum to fight the champion of Eli.  It was now decided that Eli’s champion would be Xena and not Virgil as Livia had initially chosen.  As Xena stepped out in Roman armor shield in hand and sword down at her side she looked across the colosseum to see her beautiful daughter Eve upon a horse with vengeance in her heart.  Her vengeance was a vengeance of passionate love for the one whom Xena had stolen from her, but in truth Xena had not.  Ares never had love for Eve.  Eve was just a vessel for keeping War's power alive.  Xena was Ares’s real prize, but only Xena knew this.

     Xena slowly walked down the steps ready for battle, but not really wanting to fight.  When she reached the bottom she paused and shouted across the colosseum to her daughter.  Xena’s attempt to have a peace with her daughter was rejected.  And Eve did not believe she was the daughter of Xena though the night before Xena had tried to convince her.  Instead Eve had responded with an attempt to kill the woman who had stolen her lover yet she had been unsuccessful.  If indeed this woman had been her mother why hadn’t she been there when she had been most needed?  Livia did not understand and so her confusion rejected the motion for peace and the battle began.

     Xena took on a defensive position as Eve rode up and thrust her sword down upon the warrior princess knocking the shield to the ground.  And as Xena tried to recover Livia was already coming back around for a second attack upon the warrior princess.  This time Xena tried to jump up and kick her off of the horse, but she was unsuccessful for Livia had taken the blow and stayed tall upon her stag.  She rounded for a third time and approached Xena and this time Xena tried a forward thrust, but Livia flipped through the air signature of her mother and landed upon a pillar declaring that she was Livia not Eve.  Flipping back onto her horse she swung her net above her head and attacked again capturing the warrior princess and dragging the body of the one who had given her life across the rough sands of the colosseum

     But Xena didn’t stay down long for she quickly cut through the net with her sword and flipped upon the horse grabbing Livia and flipping off throwing her to the ground.  Before Livia could recover Xena put her famous pinch upon her daughter.  Xena professed her love for Eve once again and pleaded for her daughter’s forgiveness.  But Livia again did not believe her.  She responded by telling Xena that if she truly was her mother then Xena must let her die.  But Xena would not let her die.  The rabid crowd was impressed that the champion of Eli gave mercy to her foe and so Caesar Augustus gave the battle a thumbs up and Rome's prisoners who were many the followers of Eli were freed.

     Xena took off the death grip and offered her hand to her daughter, but again Eve refused.  She was confused and as the followers of Eli were released they embraced Xena for her heroic actions.  Xena tried desperately to wade through all of the joyous people, but she was unable to catch up to her daughter and so Eve disappeared into life's abyss once again.

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Xena Scrolls
Xena Scrolls

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