Common Knowledge Base (CKB) and The Mighty Bytes The Fight for Open Source

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Why the world needs something to compete with Ethereum

Ethereum, Ethereum, Ethereum. Don't get me wrong is a future that is going to create numerous things for us from now until the world ends, but it does not mean things won't come around and be better.

If you don't know or have never heard of Ethereum or ETH it is an open-source crypto asset that was created in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin but was officially live in 2015 it has smart contract functionality that allows anyone in the world to release decentralized applications.


Since Ethereum has been in the blockchain, it has been a gateway for many things like Decentralized Finance better known as DeFi, DeFi puts an end to the middle man, which is why most of the banks and people who take from us are afraid of DeFI and throw shade on an innovation that is giving back power to the people.

Everything sounds great so far right? NO

The problem with Ethereum is the gas fees to do anything regarding transactions. Some days, you can pay almost $40. Other days, you can be paying close up to $600 in fees just to things like converting to another coin.


It makes the network unreliable, so you have to use their layer two solution polygon (Matic) or whatever else is available for what you are trying to do. Still, in most cases, there are only two, and I guarantee you it won’t be Ethereum, and with Etheruem 2.0 coming.

We shall see how smooth the network runs but how many forks does it take for Etheruem to get it right? This will be their 3rd fork since they have been around.

The newcomer Common Knowledge comes into play to become the new king.

The Team



Why is CKB so special?

Founded in 2018 the Common Knowledge Base asset has multiple use cases; it acts as a store of value and can execute smart contracts, making Bitcoin and Etherueum in 1. There are not a lot of cryptocurrencies that can do this on the blockchain.

Now, this is not financial advice, but what makes CKB a winner investment is the scalability potential for long-term value preservation, which will create value and network growth. Knowing that these are two factors also shows me that CKB is an excellent stand-alone asset that can keep up with the best cryptocurrencies we know.

What does CKB do?

The Nervos System has an army that fuels its network, which goes by CKBytes. These CKBytes capture the network’s total value that helps with the security, which creates a strong idea for a store of value, bringing the attention of miners, developers, and node operators, which personally I am doing.

To translate things to the real world, $CKB can also be used as a means of exchange, making their case to be a top dog contender even better. If you need to complete a transaction from anywhere globally, they help make things easier. I forgot to mention it can also be used to execute smart contracts and decentralized apps (dApps).

Let us take a second to understand what dApps are, dApps are just like regular apps, but the difference is dApps are open source and run peer-to-peer, for example, as the blockchain does. Meaning, not one person has control.


How to buy CKB

Again not financial advice, but I would hope you are wondering where you can buy Nervos System (CKB); here is a list of exchanges you can buy $CKB on. My favorite has to be, hands down, but this list is full of places you can currently buy CKB. I hope soon we can see CKB tradable on Coinbase and other platforms it has yet to make a name for itself on.




Where to Hold CKB?

Besides holding your CKB on the list of exchanges, I provided three other places you can keep your tokens. First, you have the option to hold in the Nervos Systems native wallet called the neuron wallet. You could also save in the IMwallet, another trusted source for holding crypto assets. Last but not least, you could also use the ledger’s cold storage wallet.



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