BCH Investment didn't Need Fiat Conversion, Easy way to Multiply Your BCH

Hey Everyone noiser, reader and Pblish0x users! Today I am feeling lucky and excited being part of #BCH Community. Although I was absent from read.cash community for many days because I was busy in learning to make a good investment through BCH. It is too hurt to change BCH into fiat like Rub, USDT, PKR etc. Alhamdolilah my learning got success when I was able to earn through skills I got from #sBCH community 1 eben daily and 100 mist per day. In my article I kinda want to share how I made it possible one eben/day is Worth value for me. You have to follow my steps.
+noise.cash as BCH provider
+Bridge BCH into sBCH
+sBCH helped me for farming and Harvesting on BenSwap
+I multiplied my BCH to 4X
sBCH token world
I am happy being 10 months old user of noise. cash. And this platform proved a blessing for me. I not only got #BCH rewarder for me but also provided me thinking to further investment. I had 8$ worth of BCH/ day in August but now I am earning at about 2$ worth/day. It was due to a new update and removal of random System or might be due to a new strategy applied by SimonBruzzi and thanks to Sir MarcDemesel for funding the real platform and I am kinda not able to understand. Anyway, I want to thank Him and his team which is working with their utmost efforts for the success of BCH. Anyway reward system pump or dump both are fruitful for me. I have more than 3600 Subscribers now. More than earning I kinda liked the learning I got through this platform. With zero investment I got great investment and ideas through this platform. It was a hurt condition when I really changed my BCH into Fiat and I know BCH didn't deserve this. But due to the present bloom and adaptation in BCH, I am able to invest my every satoshi in BCH projects. It is a fair case for me to utilize BCH in BCH projects and get rewards in BCH. I am kinda hoping to hold BCH till it is launched in my country and I shall purchase my products through BCH. BCH marketing in Pakistan for me has the brightest future and I kinda can wait for years after years. Thanks to noiser friends who supported me. Let us continue noise. cash provided me BCH and I further moved to follow step.
Bridge BCH into sBCH:
After getting BCH 2$ worth of BCH / day from noise. cash I transferred into coin flex BCH address. Where I removed BCH by sep20 address into sep20 address of sBCH of MetaMask. The following picture is enough to explain this.
sBCH helped me for farming And Harvesting on BenSwap
I attached my MetaMask wallet to Benswap. This platform changed my fate when I invested sBCH for different sep20 tokens. I literally didn't know anything about farming previously. But when I joined there @bentokenfinnance TG group, they motivated and provided my learning. Presently I am farming with the following sBCH pairs.
+sBCH-Eben sBCH-Cat
The above tokens are a good source of farming and Harvesting for me. I am trying my best to earn more than 1 eben/day to 2eben/day. And I took the strategy of reinvesting my sBCH earned through rewards on further sites like.
+Tropical Finance.dex
+Tango. cash
These all sites are new but their government tokens are rocking on the market cap. cash. I hope I can earn more through these sites. And I am kinda hopeful my entry on these sites will be more helpful for increasing my growth for sBCH. Thanks to all sites which are increasing the growth of BCH projects rather than fiat.
I multiplied my sBCH to 40X
It is too hard to believe but it is reality. I started my farming with 2$ worth of 0.001 sBCH with Cat pair. But it was experimental. It motivated me a lot. And I was kinda good at analysis of Marketing. So I invested my every satoshi from noise. cash. I first converted them into sBCH and then swapped them for tokens. Each token with sBCH provided me with a harvesting opportunity to grow my sBCH share. According to Benswap's analytical tool, Have invested 70+$ worth of BCH in BenSwap farming that is kinda worthy of being in an underdeveloped country. It is my dream I have 1 BCH and I invested it into sBCH farming and Harvesting. Would that this dream will be fulfilled soon because I am kinda hopeful and optimistic.

It was a simple motivational article that completely from my zero stories to Hero. Now I have complete information and more details about harvesting and farming. I simply described you don't waste your worthy BCH into fiat just change them into sBCH and into its projects that are future. I hope after reading this article you will also Multiply your BCH into BCH. Any sort of guide and question, you are welcome in the comment section.

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