Corion Foundation spread of stablecoins, DeFi, CBDCs

By Zulus | | 26 Jul 2020

Good day, everyone who decided to read this article. Nowadays, it is very important for everyone who is interested in blockchain technologies to be on the subject and learn news from this area. I am also interested in finding new projects, studying, and analyzing promising companies. One of these is the Corion Foundation project. The Corion Foundation was registered in Switzerland in 2016. Now many people are interested in safe and fast payment methods. So that users can trust the impeccable online service and make instant transfers with low fees 24/7. The blockchain technology industry is developing at a tremendous speed and opens up many business opportunities in different areas of the economy. The world's largest companies have adopted the solutions and benefits that blockchain provides.


The Corion platform supports projects in the implementation of stablecoins and provides Decentralized Finance (Defi) services. Many banks around the world have understood the perspective of blockchain technology and are working towards creating their national digital currencies.
Taking into account all the challenges in the industry, Corion is offering an e-wallet with its stablecoin (CorionPay). There is a global alternative to the use of such unique services in the world and this provides an excellent opportunity to expand financial transactions using stable coins.


The emergence of Bitcoin after the financial crisis in 2008 marked a new milestone in the history of money and payment systems in general. Cryptocurrencies are still at the very beginning and further development of the concept of cryptography with a lot of useful functions has value for further development in the future. The structure is improving and expanding, more and more people are starting to apply the exchange process using the blockchain. Cryptocurrencies can fully represent all the functions of money and therefore have value as well as an advantage over traditional assets.


A revolutionary approach, allows you to increase the efficiency of work using blockchain technology. The ability to transfer digital assets using a smartphone will be available to everyone anywhere in the world. The use of e-wallets is undoubtedly gaining popularity in all sectors and users benefit from daily use without third party involvement (peer-to-peer).


Blockchain technologies are developing in three directions:

Digitization of data and assets, which includes information storage, authentication, and identification.
Investments and related products such as securities, trading in coins, tokens, and other assets.
A payment asset is used as a medium of exchange and must have a stable value. The cost of such an asset is regulated to one of the world currencies (dollars, euros, etc.). This is the stablecoin, adjusted for low volatility, and not tied to the central bank.


Advantages of blockchain transfers:

Speed (instant transactions)
Cost (low commission)
Time (24/7)

Also on the positive side is the quick opening of an account and transfer to any part of the world, regardless of location.

Central Bank Digital Currencies -CBDCs


CDBC 2.0 is an efficient digital protocol. An innovative product for payment systems that continues the trend of traditional banking. A mechanism that expands the user base, representing the previous experience of using cryptography, for implementation in the market. In this case, the priority goal is large-scale functionality, availability, fast transactions, protection of personal data. The Corion Foundation supports the dissemination of CBDCs and is committed to making such payments publicly available to everyone.

The action of the platform boils down to the distribution of stablecoins and cryptocurrencies in general. The project considers its mission to support digital payments, the introduction of Defi, and CBDC. The activities of the company's infrastructure are the integration of the CorionX token into an open financial system, reducing costs, and increasing security. Quick access and use of all options for stakeholders on various platforms. Supporting projects related to stablecoins and assisting in establishing partnerships with e-wallet providers. Great opportunities are opening up in the Fintech industry and everyone can get involved to benefit in the future.


CorionX utility token

CorionX is a utility token designed to bring together stakeholders and build a stablecoin community around the world. The main action of the token is as fuel for transactions and access to funding services. For token holders, a 2.5% reward is provided in the quarterly loyalty program. Many different CORX application options, benefits and special access to reward programs have been prepared.



Full name: CorionX utility token
Short name: CORX
CorionX token total supply: maximum400.000.000
Decimal:8-Contract address: 0x26a604DFFE3ddaB3BEE816097F81d3C4a2A4CF97
Emission value: $0.015




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