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The best teacher in the world.


There is only one computer in the remote school It goes without saying that there is no internet connection There is no such thing as a laboratory But the students did not give up They snatched the best mathematics award at the country's science and engineering fair last year, surpassing the urban Bagha Bagha Academy. They have developed a device that not only makes it easy to measure circles, but can also be used by the visually impaired and the deaf. The school, which started just six years ago, won second place at Kenya's 57th National Science and Engineering Fair The students' math team has also passed the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair this time Next May, two of their representatives will attend the event in Arizona, USA The school has also won an award from the Royal Society of Chemistry in the United Kingdom

The story is from Carico Mixed Day Secondary School It is located in a remote village called Poyani in Nakuru County, Kenya Its name is now spread not only in the African country, but in different parts of the world The introduction was made by Peter Tabichi, the school's math and physics teacher, who is leading the way for students to fight for a brighter future by overcoming poverty, hunger and violence. Creating opportunities for success

The life-changing story of the students

One-third of Peter Tabichi's students come from orphaned or single-parent families 95% of them live in poverty Many have to walk seven kilometers to get to school, which becomes unusable in the rainy season.

There is no opportunity to sit properly in class In a class of 35 to 40 people, 60 to 70 people have to be accommodated But what's more, Peter Tabichi has instilled an indomitable dream in these disadvantaged students. He is introducing them to the unfettered world of mathematics and science He does not want to leave them behind in modern knowledge and technology According to him, "To be a good teacher, you have to be creative and embrace technology." You must adopt modern teaching methods There is more to do, less to talk about. " For this reason, even though there is no internet in the school, he regularly goes to cyber cafes to satisfy his hunger Peter has created a platform for students to practice science, not just in the classroom. According to him, science can play the biggest role in showing the future to his disciples For this, he has formed two clubs in the school One is Talent Nursing Club, the other is Science Club 7

After the 2008 election, ethnic conflict erupted in Kenya Reaching this remote village also 6 Indigenous groups are at war with each other Peter also took the initiative to keep his students away from this situation Developed ‘Peace Club’ 6 The aim is to build strong bonds between his students from 6 groups

The benefits of Peter's activities are also being matched The number of students in the school is increasing rapidly Girls are doing better than boys The incidence of misbehavior of students in schools has come down from 30 to only 3 in a week And his old students are crossing the boundaries of the school and taking place in the colleges and universities of the country Of course, the credit for this goes not to himself, but to the disciples "I am very proud of my students As a teacher, I see their commitment, talent, intelligence and faith from the front. "

Who is also a teacher outside of school

Peter spends eighty percent of his monthly salary on student and local welfare Because not only in class, but also in the environment in which the children live

According to him, one of the challenges is to make parents aware of the importance of education For this reason, he meets the families of the students who are likely to drop out Explain to the families of girls who are likely to get married at a young age He encouraged them to send their children to school regularly

This village is located in a place where famine is a regular occurrence He also trained the villagers on drought tolerant grain production to save them from him

The best teacher

These stories of Peter Tabichi have now spread to people all over the world In the last few days, all the major media in the world have made reports about him According to a report by the World Economic Forum, what Peter has done will seem like a dream to many wealthy scholars. And if such a person gets the title of the best teacher in the world, then what is there to be surprised?

The Varki Foundation, a UK-based charity, has been awarding the Global Teacher Prize since 2015 to someone who has made outstanding contributions to the teaching profession. This year, 10,000 people from 189 countries were nominated for this Peter Tabichi has been selected as the best teacher, leaving everyone behind 6 received a prize worth 1 million dollars For the first time, he had to fly to Dubai to attend the event.

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