That night they fell.

The sky is hanging over his head with his face like the floor of a stale pot in Moira's factory. There is a torch procession of stars like fireflies hiding in the bamboo bushes behind the clouds. After the old dirty sari of the poor widow, the moon is also sitting next to the light of the hurricane. Scattered from one side of the west corner, like a silver coin, innumerable stars fall from the middle like a needless jam. They have to take something from what they see or think. Or the desire is fulfilled. Seeing that, Anil Master immediately sat down and asked for a gold seal filled with a jug. He knows, his father-in-law Da knows, that the Nitai family secretly left for India one night in the same year as the Hindu-Muslim riots took place the year before the partition. In the algae pond hidden in the bushes behind their fallen houses, diamonds, rubies and jewels filled with large bones are dived; Almost everyone in the village grew up listening to him. No one dares to dive into that pond. There is a snake in that pond, it is dragged to the abyss as soon as it dips its feet. Those who had stretched their legs were found floating with swollen bodies the next morning. Fearing for his life, Anil Baral, while chanting the name of mother Jagadvatri, said, “Fulfill my wish, ma'am. You will only get one hour of wealth. What's more! He sniffs at you! I swear, I will roll a gold noose around you. Victory is the victory of mother world. ”

Anil Master was returning home wrapped in a sheet of darkness. He was walking through the darkness by throwing the light of the narrow tube of the torch light. It was going to rain a little in the evening, but in the end it didn't rain anymore. It's as if the arrogant face like a new wife has been swirling around for a long time. A boat is floating in the air. Today was the market day. Every Sunday there is a market in Amdanga market. Anil was returning from there. Asthma medicine in hand. Not breathing; It is as if the flower queen has been playing the Ampata flute since the afternoon. Son Sunil went to the school with the news of his mother's hop pull. The mother said that on the way back home, food should be brought from Latif Kakar's shop.

Anil likes to sit in Latif Master's dispensary on the day of the market and talk a little. How many hundreds of people walk to meet. From distant villages, even from more distant villages, on foot, by boat, by hanging in the car, everyone appears with their belongings. Haihullo has been going on since morning. People's voices have been dying since the afternoon. Silence took over the noise after dusk. Then the market sat in silence. Vegetable leaves scattered here and there, dried straw, raw dung, insect-eaten potatoes, broken pots, goat's faeces কত so many things that Anil sees; It feels good. People come to Naldanga market on the banks of Bhairab river in this village; At least on an excuse. Let people still come to this village of death.

Anil is a senior teacher at Naldanga Primary School. Khichuri teacher. Latif Mandal studied mathematics there. But sometimes everything is taught like Anil. You don't have to be an expert in any subject. Somehow the day had to pass. Latif opened the shop in the afternoon after school. This has been his job for the last five years. I don't like going home. There is no reason to feel good.

Latif's store has some fever-cold-cough syrups, headaches, abdominal pains, worm pills and long packets of condoms from the two companies. Two red and black packets sway behind his neck. Besides, everything else that is seen is fake. Boxes sinking to a level of dust on a wooden rack are just for show. The small fenced house decorated with empty boxes seems to be covered with luggage. Some are sold at Shefali Pharmacy this Sunday. Nibaran Shil of the next village came and gestured for a condom. When Latif was silently wrapping it in a newspaper and handing it over to Nibaran, I know why he remembered his dead wife Shefali at that moment. Nibaran will caress his wife tonight. But in the last five years, no woman has cast a shadow on Latif Master's body at night. There are no children in the house. Shefali did not have to digest less abuse as a barren girl. He would endure everything with his mouth closed, and he would sit at night and cry lying on the bed. She had a great desire to be a mother. How many Ojha-Badi, Hakim-Kabiraj were fed by Bet, nothing happened at all. Even government doctors have been shown in Dhaka city. The problem is no one else; Latif himself. Shefali is perfectly healthy. But what to say openly - the husband is not born in it! That's why Shefali has to listen to what the neighbors are saying. If Shefali's problem was not caught, there was talk. Latif could have got another marriage. Shefali doesn't have a chance to do that; Not even possible for him. As a result, one day he will do whatever is possible with him. She hangs her sari on a mango branch at the back of the house. The history of that hanging journey became five years. A couple of years ago, Latif's mother forced her son to remarry and bring his new wife home. The bride was fine too. Sardar Kabiraj's daughter Fatema also agreed to the marriage. But not all. Or did not let Latif? Debei-or why? If Fatema cannot be pregnant, the stigma will spread; Latif's disability will be caught.

Now the market is almost depopulated. Latif was releasing these albums of the past by staring at the starry sky. Suddenly he sighed when he saw a star fall. It's like sighing to be sultry for a long time!

Latif's life means home, school mastery and this drug store. There is an old mother in the house, and there is a bad sister Lutfa. Lutfar is not a problem. I swear. He does all the housework with one hand. Only when the hot days come, everything turns upside down. It is not said that there is no crow, maybe one day he will jump up and cross the yard and sit in the sky crying. No one can pull him home even if he is tied with a rope like a disobedient cow. After all, the people of the whole village, the village next to the village Jaldanga, then the village Hatibhanga and then Shambhuganj the news that Lutfa is crazy is not left to reach anyone's ears. Divya can be continued to be Bharati's sister. The face is round like a jambati. The dice on the chest are the same. Tighten the masonry of the body. And that's why Suruj Ali, the son of Masum Commissioner of the next house, kept his eyes dipped in Lutfar's bathroom whenever he got a chance.

Although Suruj was three years older than Lutfar, they used to play at the same time. One day at noon, the two of them were playing sparrow feast in the haunted forest near the pond behind Nitai's house. No matter how old Lutfar was then, he might be eleven or twelve. What do you think, once Suruj picked up his lungi, shook his black penis and showed it to Lutfa and said, "What is Lutfa Aida?"

Lutfa didn't notice that Suruj was secretly going through it for so long. Seeing that, his eyes became frightened. Holding his own face in the palm of his hand. Seeing Suruj's bald head, Lutfa burst into tears and ran away. She had never seen such a man before. He thought that the penis was something like a small vase-shaped nunu. Whether Lutfa cried that day out of shame or fear, he will be able to say it well. No one could know. From that day onwards, he started listening to Suruj. Stop talking, the game is far away. When he sees it, he hides himself. Lutfa has not told anyone about that incident yet. Meanwhile, Suruj wants to take revenge. Despite having so many opportunities, he could not force Lutfa to do anything. It was as if his manhood had been wounded. I heard that a lame fakir was sitting in the shrine next to Jaldanga Bazar in the next village. That fakir or anyone can shoot an arrow. One day Lutfar snatched the hair from his head and went to the fakir. Says: The lover falls in love with his new citizen by burning. So that bitch has to shoot an arrow.

Fakir took some money, sniffed Lutfar's hair with his nose and mouth and threw it away. Lutfar was diagnosed with the disease a month later. Only a storm can tell what caused the buck to die.

Lutfar's treatment is more or less going on. It is not possible for Latif alone to do more than this in a needy family. Sister has been diagnosed with conversion disorder, meaning hysteria. But even the great doctors of the city do not have that ability. Only gives sleeping pills. Lutfa fell asleep after eating. After sleeping all day, he is sitting alone in a corner of the yard this evening with his hair matched. A rhyming light from the house fell softly on him. Suruj Ali is watching this scene from a distance in the dark under the bushes. Without Lutfar's veil, he started to take heat on his body by looking at his shapely chest. What do you think suddenly looks at the sky. See, a star is falling. And in his mind he wants the pleasure of enjoying Lutfa.

Dark sky on the head. Lutfar's eyes are fixed on that side like Vinci's Mona Lisa. It is bad for a girl to keep her hair open after evening — Lutfa did not listen to her mother's words. At that time, he laughed uneasily when he saw a star suddenly falling in the starry sky. He said in a mysterious voice, "Surujja's eyes are twinkling. Bastard's baicha is empty in my heart, empty in my heart and in my heart .

The end...

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