Seven days after the marriage, my wife was gang-raped. This heinous act was done in front of me but I could not do anything. My wife was tied up and raped by the vampires in front of me. I begged a lot but my request did not reach their ears. There were four of them. After the marriage I did not go to my wife. Because he was sick. But they did not see the illness. Five hours after they left, my wife lay naked in front of me, bleeding. His tears reached inside me. Then I admitted him to the hospital. He counts the days in the hospital bed when he is sick. And I keep running to punish the rapists. At one point they were arrested. However, I had to run the case. I sold everything I had just to get justice but I didn't get it.

After three months, they were released on bail. And on the same day my wife committed suicide with a rope around her neck. Wrote in the letter.
Rapists are not punished in this country but the mental punishment of rape is just.

When the men who raped my wife walked in front of me, they wanted to die. They were influential so I know who can't do anything about them.

I kidnapped the four of them with the help of a girl. Because they were sex crazy. If a girl asked for sex, she would go anywhere. It is never possible to kidnap four people alone. But I did. I used a kind of spray for it which will keep you unconscious for 24 hours if you hold your nose.
When they opened their eyes, they were lying in a dark room with their hands and feet tied.

As soon as they regained consciousness, I rushed to finish them off forever. But then I think my wife's death is a pain. How much it hurt him. How much pain he endured in the hospital bed.

Then I thought if I let them die for just two minutes, my wife's soul will not get peace. To them I will give the gift of the most terrible and painful death in the world.

I kept them alive for seven days. I treated them like vampires for seven days.

I inserted shui every inch of their body. I pierced all parts of the face with a needle. Then I applied salt and pepper all over my body with my own hands.

On the second day I raped them for two hours straight. They cried and cried. Can't stand Then I enjoyed a demonic pleasure.

On the third day I pulled the hair out of their heads. I had a hard time doing it. On the fourth day, I tore their ears with two pulses. They begged me to die that day. They begged so much that they could not bear it anymore. They want death. But I did not let them die. On the fifth day I lifted their eyes. I put pepper powder in my eyes before removing it. They fainted on the fifth day. I thought they were dead. So I was very angry with myself that day. But on the seventh day their senses returned. I realized they wouldn’t live long. So there is no decision to end them forever.

I cut their penis in half. Then I set fire to the rest of their penis. From there the fire slowly spread throughout the body. However, it took a long time to spread fire in their bodies. They burned for about twenty minutes and cried out in agony of death.
I made a video in seven days. A video of 57 minutes. In which the terrible punishments of seven days were recorded. I knew the video would go viral if left on Facebook. So I left on Facebook.

Twelve rapists committed suicide after watching the video. Some people have strokes. Some people did not dare to watch the video.

After watching the video, the rape has come down a lot.

However, the court ruled against me. I live in a country where there are no prisons for rape. But the court enforced the law on the crime of punishing rapists.


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