Festival and then.

Get up, you have to get down! ”The newly awakened eyes widened

Gopal looked for a while. It takes time to understand where he is. "The father left

Am I home? "

"Where is Nare now? This is just a junction, then I'll change a car, then

At our station, then go straight home.

Besides, there are ten more drummers. Among them, Ramu Jethu is only on their train

Everyone else will catch another train. They are all out of the house for a week today. Mother Durga

When they fall into the water, they are returning home.

The first seven-year-old Gopal went to town with his father

O kansi. At this age, Gopal plays kansi to the beat of a beautiful drum. All other drummers

After caressing Gopal, he got on the train. We will meet again next year. Gopal's stomach

Thousands of words are moaning. Oops, when will I go home, way Gopal. Ten minutes apart

Antar asks Baba how late Baba is? Gopal's father laughs

He turned his hand affectionately on his head. - It's not too late, father.

Gopal thinks in his mind how much he has to talk to his mother. I have seen so many things

In the city. Babura gave a shirt again. What a big pandal, what a man! What

Beautiful or fair girls are just as beautiful as Maduga. And yes Dugga

The mother has to say that she saw a girl who looked like a PC.

How many days Duggapisi does not come. How well Dugga PC did not live. All the time in the lap.

He used to take it around. He used to take a bath. Then one day he got married and left

One day my father went to Duggapisi's father-in-law's house with Ramu Jethu. Then mother

Crying, Thamma cried, Dad cried, everyone said Dugga PC or Porakpal

So the groom was gathered. How many times did Dugga PC come when he asked his mother?

Don't just cry. Mother Dugga comes every year, then why Dugga PC

Don't come?

From a distance, Gopal saw his mother standing outside the house and her eyes on the road

Match. One, two, three runs. In one run, Gopal jumps on his mother's lap.

In the chest. After a week the child came back to the mother's chest. Now it will start

Festivals at Gopal's house.

Mother, mother, Madugga comes every year, then why doesn't Dugga PC come? Ignorance

There is no answer to the boy's question. How can Gopal's mother explain to him how much he is still today?

Durga has to leave the world prematurely due to betting. Gopal's mother is only Gopal anymore

He wants to forget the pain of losing the child-like river by holding it to his chest a little harder.


Mother's phone is vibrating. Roshmi turns her hand on Shikha's head and comes out of the cabin

From. Today is a week Shikha has been admitted to this hospital. He has fallen in love

In it, Roshmi Shikha. She looks like her little sister. How long has that been?

Roshmi did not see her sister or mother. Kerala is far away to run the family after the death of her father.

Roshmi has to take the job of a nurse in this West Bengal. Now is the time for worship

Bengali nurses will get leave. Roshmi for one month after Dashmi at the end of Puja

You will get a holiday. Oops, when will that day come! And it will be two weeks.

Roshmi was lost in the crowd of all these thoughts while eating the dev tiffin

The mind was suddenly startled and shocked by the coil of smoke.

It takes a few seconds to understand the matter. Lelihan flames of fire surround

He grabbed the room. Is there a flame in that room? Ignoring everyone's ban, he ran away


Today is Dashmi, mother has fallen into the water. The music of Dhaka also fills the sky with the farewell tune

Picked up. Wiping away the tears, everyone waited for the mother to come back again

Gauri will leave the form and will exist in the form of Kali.

Roshmi's mouth bandage is slowly opened by Dr. Shikha's parents holding Shikha's hand,

Then Durga saw another form of Kali in the flood of tears of gratitude



Sion's eyes go to the clock again and again. And for two hours. He informed Neela on the phone

- "Will be ready. After finishing duty, when you reach home, just change your dress and go out

I will read. Baban will wear that blue dress today. "Baban is jumping on the other side of the phone.

And how late is the father to come. What fun is that today. Everyone is with their father every day

Thakur goes out to see and his father has an empty office. Neela and Aaj are tidy

Makes herself beautiful. Sapphire understands, how helpless she is. Police Inspector's

Wives have to sacrifice a lot. Sapphire knows very well how many overs

In exchange for duty, Sion has managed this evening's holiday. However, sometimes

What makes the mind heavy with pride. Neela thinks that today is the night of the ninth

Three of them.

After the phone call, it takes a few minutes for Sion to sort himself out. And it's too late

It can't be done. You have to reach the spot immediately. Sion runs to the famous puja mandapa.

In order to control the chaos that happens suddenly due to some unknown reason

Every human being can spend their festive days happily in any danger

Without it. Only dry water stains on the cheeks of the sleeping Baban. And Baban

Sleepless Sapphire lying next to him and Sion, busy with his duties, remembered next year

For the dream continues to be woven anew.


House to house .... The sound of the sewing machine eats away the silence of the night

Giving. Nirmala now has no time to eat nava. This time a little more work in worship

A few days ago, Nirmala was sitting in the sari of the house next door

This is the first time that his only daughter Nitu has said to herself, "Isn't the mother sari beautiful?" "Do you like it very much?"

Nitu bowed his head and just said indistinctly hum. He knows very well that his father is leaving

After leaving, mother is trying so hard to make him human, that's why he wanted such an expensive sari

Luxury. But the mother's mind understood the desire of the daughter's mind. "Nothing to give

I can't do a little more work, I can't do what my daughter wants. "

Nirmala way.

The money to buy a sari is still less than five hundred on the morning of Ashtami. No, this time it is not a dream

Keep picking it up again for next year ...

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