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By SumOne | | 11 Apr 2021

After a month or so of using Publish0x, I began to notice a pattern with my behavior within the site. I started out clicking an article, scrolling to the bottom, and waiting on that glorious 10 minute ticker to expire. As the last few seconds would expire, my anticipation would turn to excitement knowing a nice little surprise of crypto was going to be given to me. I didn't know, or care which it was, but it was FREE! And getting it sent directly to a wallet once a month without having to worry about fees still makes me giddy.

So, what changed? I actually started reading the post through. As it turns out, there many amazing articles to be read. The different perspectives, knowledge, and entertainment puts me in the Readers Digest frame of mind. Some better than other, of course. And better yet, lot of the articles that I read are quite good, and very professional. I'm not even close to being a guru of the crypto world, or any other world by no means. But because of the articles here, I am a step closer. 

When the excitement of "free" wore off, I got slightly bored of the trading frenzy that I had when I thought I knew what I was doing. I was jumping from coin to coin hoping for a fast reward that hasn't really happened. I need some incite from people that know what this crypto trading is about, and Publish0x is my Bible, if you will, for my greatly needed knowledge base. 

I have learned much from the publishers in these articles, and not just about the crypto scene. I find myself forgetting about the free Eth, Farm, or Amp. More and more I find myself enjoying many hours of great writing. As I continue to learn from you guys, I will continue to tell friends about this site, and not just for the free money, but more about why the reading trumps the tips.

If you are just scrolling through those post just to get to that "countdown", please do yourself a favor. Read what these people have to say. You may learn something knew, or realize just how nice it is to actually read good material again. The world is in hyper speed in regards to technology, and the love of the almighty money market. I suggest doing yourself a major favor, and slowing it down. These post are the perfect way to give your brain a rest. Maybe the dust will settle, and that knew incite you just read about will make other things "click" for you.


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