Top 5 Crypto Lottery Platforms to Make Money in 2023

The crypto-digital revolution has reshaped how we perceive and engage with money, giving rise to a decentralized and borderless financial ecosystem. With the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies by mainstream institutions and individuals, their popularity has soared to new heights. 

However, within this dynamic landscape, crypto lotteries have emerged as an exciting and lucrative opportunity for individuals seeking to profit from their crypto holdings. 

Combining the thrill of traditional lotteries with the potential of digital currencies, these platforms offer participants a chance to win substantial sums of money entirely decentralized. By leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, crypto lotteries ensure transparency, fairness, and security, making them an attractive proposition for both seasoned investors and newcomers to the crypto space.

In this article, we will delve into the top five crypto lottery platforms that hold tremendous potential for wealth generation in 2023. From their unique features and diverse game offerings to their user-friendly interfaces and robust security measures, these platforms have garnered attention for their commitment to revolutionizing the way we engage with lotteries in the digital era. 


  • Megamoon
  • BC.Game
  • StarBets
  • K8
  • Bitcoin Games


MegaMoon stands out as a leading and top-tier decentralized lottery platform that brings transparency and fairness to making money. With the opportunity to win millions of dollars, the MegaMoon Lottery offers an enticing chance for players to claim the grand prize. For those seeking even more earning potential, becoming a “dealer” on MegaMoon opens up additional avenues for income. 

Moreover, Megamoon provides 19 chances to win per ticket and uses Chainlink VRF for selecting winning numbers. Meanwhile, this innovative lottery platform operates on the Polygon chain, providing seamless transactions and minimizing fees. Registering on MegaMoon is easy, as it allows users to join with either their Gmail accounts or Web3 wallets.


BC.Game is another decentralized crypto lottery platform that offers a player-centric approach. With a strong focus on community, BC.Game ensures an everlasting and endlessly entertaining gambling experience for its users.

This betting site continues to open its doors to global bettors, expanding its reach to a broader audience. Additionally, it goes above and beyond the traditional lottery experience by providing a comprehensive platform that includes a sportsbook, a casino, a lottery, and even a crypto exchange, allowing users to conveniently purchase various cryptocurrencies online.


If you are interested in a platform that features a diverse collection of over 3000 games, including popular slot machines, classic table games, and captivating live casinos, then might be for you. However, it regularly adds new games to keep the platform fresh and engaging.

This platform prioritizes player safety by utilizing encryption technology and industry-standard practices to protect user data and transactions. It also collaborates with leading game providers to ensure a diverse selection of entertaining titles. By joining StarBets, you become part of a vibrant community that values the excitement of crypto gaming. 


K8, established in 2013, is a reputable online casino platform known for its exceptional user experience and wide selection of games. It offers in-house gaming titles and popular games from renowned providers like Evolution Gaming and Relax Gaming.

Embracing the rise of digital currencies, K8 launched its digital currency betting website in November 2021 and seeks to provide a secure and borderless gambling experience. Interestingly, it offers over 2,000 slot machine games, dice, roulette, and live casinos with interactive chat. 

Bitcoin Games

Lastly, among the top 5 crypto platforms to make money in 2023 is Bitcoin Games, an online casino platform that offers the opportunity to win Bitcoin jackpots through a variety of exciting games. With a wide selection of options like Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, Video Poker, and more, this lottery website enables players to enjoy a diverse gaming experience. 

One of the most interesting parts of Bitcoin Games is how it prioritizes user privacy, allowing players to start playing without any registration or sharing of personal details. Additionally, Bitcoin Games gives players the flexibility to withdraw their winnings at any time or leave them securely stored for future use.


Among the various crypto lottery platforms available, one website stands out from the rest—Megamoon. Let's take a closer look at the strengths of Megamoon:

  • Dealer Opportunity

This is one of the exciting features that other crypto lottery websites do not offer. In each MegaMoon lottery round, you have the opportunity to become a dealer and retrieve USDT tokens from the prize pool. 

At the beginning of the round, a portion of the dealer pool that you specify is transferred as the initial prize to the prize pool through smart contracts. However, when the competition concludes, the same smart contracts return the remaining prize to the dealer pool.

  •  Jackpot Prize of 1,000,000 USDT

The MegaMoon Jackpot currently stands at 1,000,000 USDT, which means there is a prize pool of one million USDT up for grabs.

  • Polygon Chain

Megamoon leverages the Polygon chain, renowned for its scalability and low transaction fees. By utilizing this network, Megamoon provides a smooth user experience that enables users to bet and win with negligible gas fees.

  • Multiple Winning Chances

With each Megamoon lottery ticket purchase, users are granted an impressive 19 chances to win, significantly increasing their odds of securing a prize.

  • CertiK Audit

While it is not common for lottery projects to undergo security audits, Megamoon has undergone a thorough audit by CertiK, a reputable blockchain security firm. This audit ensures the platform's code, smart contracts, and overall security meet the highest industry standards.

  • Chainlink VRF

The winning numbers on the Megamoon platform are selected using Chainlink's Verifiable Random Function (VRF). This innovative mechanism provides an unbiased and tamper-proof selection process.

Other notable features that set Megamoon apart are an enticing auto-buy system and an extremely easy registration process.

Considering these impressive features, Megamoon emerges as the top choice among crypto lottery platforms in 2023. Its commitment to decentralization, advanced technology, and user-centric approach position it as a reliable, secure, and potentially lucrative option for those seeking to make money from crypto lotteries this year.

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MegaMoon A leading decentralized lottery platform on Polygon Chain MegaMoon MegaChance MegaWin

A leading decentralized lottery platform on Polygon Chain. Audited by CertiK using Chainlink VRF system to raffle lottery prizes Try out your luck with MegaMoon 😁

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