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The World Health Organization installs new surveillance system under the pretext of better protecting citizens.🙄🤥

By Josua1 | | 19 Dec 2023


It's not the first time we all witness how a former conspiracy theory once again proves true! Basically, a lot of theories around the topic of the media spread crisis 2020 (keyword: fake pandemic), which were drawn over a long period of time by the mainstream into ridicule, have ultimately proven true. Of course, it's always necessary to blaspheme first and independent thinking people are bad-mouthed by sheeple, so that the latter just do notve the whole thing later and thus do not have to question this system of injustice.

Who would have thought the green passport from back then would serve as a template for the new Europe-wide certificate? The conspiracy theorists can confidently raise their hands at this point, because they predicted exactly that years ago! When enlighteners explained in 2021 that these proofs of the EU would only serve as a blueprint for what is yet to come, namely for a Europe-wide certificate to control the citizens, they were all still mocked as paranoid aluhats who were socially ostracized in society.

In the meantime, these developments have progressed and have become visible even to people with - to say the least - a somewhat longer line. The Director General of the WHO has meanwhile officially announced an international certificate platform, so once again conspiracy practioners confirming the conspiracy theorists after the fact, this time with regard to their misgivings about the green passport and the path that was to be taken with it even then.


In the meantime, even naive people have noticed the WHO takes over more and more functions and thus increasingly gains power and influence. Also N-TV, (German mainstream medium) reports about the said platform and uses in their article the "protection of the citizens" heading corresponding to the "pretext", with which the whole thing is to be justified, furthermore it is still explained there that a VACCINE PROOF is to become the basis for such certificates important in future.

EXCERPT: "The digital evidence developed during the Corona pandemic, for example for vaccinations or recovery, is to become the basis for a global certification network of the World Health Organization (WHO). This should facilitate travel and better protect citizens in the event of another pandemic, according to the EU Commission. The first step is to ensure the EU's current digital certificates continue to work."

Even the WHO proudly announces its certificate platform on its website, which unofficially serves the pure control over the citizens, but officially their protection, which was also the pretext for the compulsory vaccination and the pseudo-pandemic measures, which ultimately did not help any citizen, which was even partially admitted by the mainstream in the meantime. Now the EU Director General of the WHO Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has publicly announced how the whole control system is to function at the expense of the slaves or citizens.


You see, the thing with the softening of the data protection and the increasing transparency of the citizen is advanced ever further, and you can approve or also reject this now, but what must be emphasized at this point is the fact former conspiracy theories come true every day before our eyes! Who still scorns you today and laughs at you and by whom you do not feel understood at the moment, that will already have to question itself tomorrow, as some have already done, apart from some particularly serious cases, which will probably take their line loyalty to this global injustice system sometime even into the grave.

Important are not the obedient hardship cases, which simply do not "want" to understand what is going on here, important are the awakened from the matrix, of who in recent years more and more have spilled over to our side, become increasingly critical, began to research beyond the mainstream sources, who after a while started to see things differently and to change the former majority relations between sheeple and conspiracy theorists noticeably, to which also media & politics already had to react accordingly.

As for those who dutifully watch their mainstream news in the evening without questioning anything and read through their mainstream newspaper in the morning before their drive to work, the questioning of which is blasphemy for them according to their substitute religion, these people will of course always opt for the red pill and justify everything that the string-pullers and their willing puppets have caused in this theatrical performance (keyword: climate hysteria, refugee crisis, fake pandemic etc. ), even at the places where actually nothing can be justified, simply because it would be too hard for them to admit to have believed in loud lies for years or decades and thus to have wasted important life time.


Who knows how this (questionable) "trend" of global control bodies will develop in future, should not enough sheeple wake up from their slumber in the following years and realize what is really going on. One possibility is the EU certificate that followed the green passport would someday even be converted into a global certificate, so there are no more countries in the world that can escape this control system, even if no halfway sensible thinking and freedom-loving person can wish for such a development in future.

In which direction it goes at the moment, tells us the rule of thumb that criticism of power apparatuses like the WHO is always to be evaluated positively, while praises like those of the WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus for the EU show us clearly how much there is still to do for enlighteners in this world.

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