Young Crypto Entrepreneurs

By jer979!! | | 10 Dec 2021

tl;dr: my nephews’ ongoing exploration of the cryptoverse…and setting up shop.

Yesterday, I shared the story of how quickly my two nephews grasped cryptoeconomic-based business models.

Well, we followed up the next day (which happened to be Thanksgiving) with the goal of turning a Raspberry Pi into a node on the Mysterium Network, a decentralized VPN provider.

Over the course of the afternoon, I watched as they ran into a number of obstacles and, through perseverance, worked through them. They had hands-on experience learning how a small typo, a { instead of a [ or a ( could make a program not work (they were operating on the command line of Unix for a part of the day) and I could see and feel their joy as they achieved milestones along the way to their goal.

At one point, when they were ready to launch and register their node, they needed 0.1 MYST (about 15 cents) to get started, which of course they didn’t have, but I did, so I gladly spent $100 investing in their education.

However, they needed to make the deposit of MYST on the Polygon sidechain to Ethereum, not on the main chain itself.

That took us on a detour where they learned about

  • the different blockchain networks
  • what a “bridge” was
  • why gas fees on Ethereum are considerably higher than on Polygon
  • how to do a trade (since we also needed to get some MATIC to pay for the fees on Polygon)
  • transaction confirmation times
  • blockchain explorers
  • what role MetaMask plays and
  • how critical seed words are

And the remarkable thing…they followed it all. I was so excited watching them and was blown away watching them ascend the learning curve.

Eventually, they were looking at their Mysterium Node interface, after having done everything and it still said “offline.”

One of them said, “you know, let’s restart the Pi” (as I like to say “when in doubt, restart”).

Sure enough, that worked, they refreshed the screen, it said “online” and they established a connection with some computer in the Netherlands, earned a small amount of MYST for themselves, and shouted “LET’S GO!!!!” and we gave high fives all around.

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