The Return of Colony

By jer979!! | | 21 Dec 2021

tl;dr: Left for dead, turns out they were building

Along with DAOstack and AragonColony was one of the first DAO management platforms that I encountered in my journeys into crypto.

Aragon had a lot of hype and I was an advisor to DAOstack, so both of those got a lot of my headspace and, when I didn’t see or hear anything from Colony, I figured they were an abandoned project.

Well, looks like I was wrong. Turns out they’re still alive and kicking.

The reason I know this is because I just came across a presentation they released that does a very nice job of articulating their vision within the current historical context.

If you’re trying to get your head around the idea of DAOs and what their arrival means for the future of organizations, it’s worth a click through.

It’s long, but quick and I think it’s a nice job of storytelling.

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