So, do you have the question?

By jer979!! | | 21 Aug 2020

tl;dr: We’re taught that answers matter to succeed. The reality is that questions matter more.

I think the grand shortcoming of my formal education was that I was led to believe that answers were more important than questions.

The teacher would ask the question and I would compete to show off and raise my hand first, proving I “knew.”

SATs, ACTs, college, any tests….it was all about “prove to us you know the answer.”

But, as I’m learning more and more, it’s not about having the answers, it’s about having the right questions.

Innovation, discovery, even writing a blog–they all start with a question.

I’m at a disadvantage now because, as I look towards the end of my life, I realize that I need to break the habits of “you’re expected to have the answers.”

Instead, the habit I need to build is “do you have the right question?”

Mr. Toyota famously relied on the “5 Whys.”

Is that a good place to start?

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