By jer979!! | | 16 Apr 2021

tl;dr: The difference between the world of today and tomorrow when it comes to signing documents.

The recent crypto bull run has led to an explosion of interest in the Crypto Futura Fund.

As we get new investors, however, we need to have them fill out subscription documents and complete verification processes certifying their status as accredited investors (one of the worst laws ever).

Though the DocuSign and PandaDocs of the world have made the signature process a bit easier, it’s still mind blowing to me how anachronistic that feels when I compare it to the ridiculously simple process of signing a transaction in the Web 3.0 world.

It’s one click.

You control the wallet (e.g. MetaMask) and all you have to do to verify a transaction is click “sign.”

In the future, your status as an accredited investor or a member of a DAO or whatever will be sitting in your wallet and all of the nonsense and wasted effort of documents (and storage!) will be gone.

It will be on chain, easily verifiable, immutable, and, if need be, private.

“Paperwork” will sound like “stagecoach”.

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