Missionaries and Mercenaries

By jer979!! | | 11 Jan 2022

I’m certainly not the first person to talk about this distinction, but it’s been on my mind recently.

One of the fun things about inner-crypt are some of the short quips that tell so much.


“Not your keys, not your crypto”

and the one that is on my mind this morning, “come for the Bitcoin, stay for the blockchain.”

It doesn’t (in my mind, at least) apply ONLY to Bitcoin, but to the only Web3 philosophy writ large.

Most people are initially attracted by the potential for big financial gains.

And that’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. We all need to provide for ourselves and our families.

Plus, growth is fueled by people who are financially speculating.

Hence the “come for the Bitcoin.”

However, there’s a point where you have done enough research to recognize that this “movement” isn’t just about making money. And it’s not just about a cool new technology.

It’s about something more than that. Call it “fairness” or “equality” or “democratization” or whatever, it’s that, at the heart of Web3 is an effort to make things better.

And yes, by being an early adopter (which you still are), you can make a fair amount of money if you pick well and are patient.

But this isn’t just about making money…it’s about money itself as an idea.

The fact that billions of working men and women must sacrifice 40+ years of their time, energy, health, and focus to gain access to fiat currencies that central banks replicate with a key stroke is injustice on the largest scale humanity has ever seen.

It is theft. #Bitcoin

— Wealth (@Wealth_Theory) December 21, 2021

As you dig in, you start to pull back the layers of the onion, having taken the proverbial “red pill” and seeing that the real scam is fiat currency.

And the values that we hold dear of “truth and transparency” can actually be achieved much better with the technology that will underpin the new form of money.

So, frankly, I don’t really care if a person is a missionary or a mercenary because I know that both matter and both help, in their own way, but, for me, I’m working on accessing the missionary part of my character a bit more this year.

As the legendary VC (and author of “Measure What Matters”) John Doerr said, “we need teams of missionaries, not teams of mercenaries.” 

Fortunately, there’s a global team of missionaries out there rightnow.

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