WHAT IS THE PROBLEM ?


Imagine this ur bitcoin whale and you want to acquire 1 million dollar of worth favorite crypto but u cant just mark it by that in your exchange because u destroy the order book and cause huge rice spike this is exactly what u want avoiding you could use one of many algorithm to spread  this across many exchanges and over time but its not a perfect solution so the solution many people used is OTC trading(over the counter trading) these are the places like cumberland,genisis who will on your behalf acquire large amount of crypto for you without affecting the market now there are few problem with this the counterparty risk, the high fees(4-5%) risk and if you compare this fees to binance fees its 0.5 percent.


                                                       ANY SOLUTION  ?


REN is the first decentralized dark pool protocols there were public protocol white paper it is very well written i recommend you to read that so how it works.

If you were someone who wants to make a secrete order you first acquire RIN token and stake it and also pay the the network fees for that order in the rent token now the reason for having each trader stake REN so that they cant actually spam the order book to try and figure out what everyone else order are when the traders place an order the public protocol dark pool order is fragmented into multiple segments and sent out into the network now the reaso for fragmenting is so that each individual node will not able to actually view that order unless it collude with the majority of all the other node each node stake REN and if they collude that run is lost this incentivizes  all of the node to play fairly in addition they have ethereum smart contract called the registrar which organize the topology of the nodes themselves in such a way that the colluding is unreasonably is difficult for any one order now with order matching each node is going to cooperate with all of the of the other nodes to try and find others order to match the frgments that they have now when a match is found every single one of the node that cooperated in this process receive a portion of the fee that the trader paid for that order once an order is matched an ethereum smart contract called the judge will make sure using zero knowledge proof infact these order do match after a match is verified then the atomic swap is started between the two tokens and each trader will receive there order.


                                     PROS AND CONS



  • REN is decentralized there is no counter party risk your crypto secure in hardware wallet untill your order is matched.

  • Both traders didn't needed to connected to network at same time for their orders to complete .

  • REN can match loops of orders.


      They didn't have wide range of cryptocurrency.

      High barrier to entry for mass adoption. 








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