Tron And Bittorrent Streaming Service Coming Soon

We already know that streaming services becoming popular day by day every new company started to think about it we have several examples like Apple,disney started to work on it go crazy because there is billions of dollars market there.

So on tron and bittorrent are now to going jump so on (Aug/30/2019) tron announced that they are going to launch streaming service which they name as BLIVE.





first of all its is now in alpha testing and it is expected to will released in Q1 2020.


What is this and How it works ?

Its a video streaming sites where content creator put there work on it and share all over the world in return to that get rewarded 

and the user also send tips like system to support there favorite creator and user also can earn gift card if they help out in some kind of activity which help to grow platform.

So rewards for everyone.



if any one wants to join the platform for beta testing here is the link

thank u all for your time.





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