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MetaTdex launches brokerage angels recruitment Web3.0 brokerage DAO begins large-scale development

On February 1, MetaTdex announced its plans to expand Web3.0 brokerage DAO through stock incentives, by recruiting angel brokers from around the globe. By signing up for the 9.9USDT trade market package on the platform's "Meta-Asset Bridge" product, users can become angel brokers and receive MetaTdex Hong Kong-listed stocks in advance with 100% returns. In addition, every invitation will attract a 30% subscription rebate.

Angel brokers are part of Web3.0's brokerage DAO, providing an entry-level system for everyone. It was created during the listing of MetaTdex in Hong Kong and officially launched in Dubai on December 20, 2022. In a short time, it has garnered many enthusiasts from East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East when it comes to token and stock investments.


These six different types – angel brokers, junior brokers, advanced brokers, senior brokers, super brokers and national brokers – together form a powerful network for trading crypto assets and stocks.


With just 9.9 USDT, users are able to experience the investment fun of buying Hong Kong stocks in different places as a member of Web3.0 brokerage DAO. Angel brokers have the lowest threshold and highest rebate income. The 30% subscription rebate is much higher than the 1.5%-4% rebate of other kinds of securities companies. Rapid development of Web3.0 brokerage DAOs will be fueled by high incentives.

Right now, users have the opportunity to become part of Web3.0 brokerage DAO by purchasing one of the trade market packages from the Meta Asset Bridge. This token-stock linkage product utilizes USDT's stablecoin and allows those who invest on Polygon chain to be rewarded with TT tokens from MetaTdex platform as well as their own personal stocks. These stocks will be displayed in NFT form until they are successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, after which they will be converted into stock tokens and made available for trading on DEX.

The Web3 concept stock has a lot of room for imagination, and the benefits are visible. Based on the policy opportunity of Hong Kong's strong support for Web3 companies, MetaTdex went public in Hong Kong through asset restructuring, which is expected to be realized in May 2023.

  • After Feitian Yundong was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, its stock rose by more than 90%. On October 18, 2022, the opening price was HK$2.21/share; on February 1, 2023, the closing price was HK$4.2/share.
  • Coinbase stock rebounded 78% in a month. The stock of Coinbase, the leading crypto exchange, will continue to fall in 2022 due to the impact of thunderstorms such as FTX in the industry. But it started rising from $33 on January 5 and reached $59 on February 1.
  • On the DEX track where MetaTdex is located, the security of on-chain transactions has been continuously valued by crypto participants, and the world is experiencing a large-scale migration of crypto users from "CEX to DEX". The influx of MetaTdex platform users and Web3.0 brokerage DAO members into Hong Kong stocks will have a positive impact on the liquidity of MetaTdex stocks.

The stock shares subscribed by MetaTdex angel brokers will be released immediately after listing, and this is getting closer.

About MetaTdex

MetaTdex is a multi-chain aggregated DEX that supports asset circulation on BSC, HECO, and Polygon chains. It adopts the order book matching mode and has no transaction slippage, which is very popular among DeFi users. MetaTdex has launched MetaTdex wallet, TDEX, transaction mining, turbo mining pool, Dvote, turbo U treasure & TeFi, meta asset cross-chain bridge, and other products.

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MetaTdex is an order book-matching decentralized trading platform built with pure smart contracts, The ecosystem of MetaTdex covers Crypto Wallet, DEX, DeFi, GameFi, DAO, NFT, and Staking. metatdex metatdex

MetaTdex is a decentralized exchange platform that utilizes an order book matching model. Our Project is committed to becoming the one-stop solution provider for Web3.0, allowing everyone to explore, create value, and flourish in the crypto world. The MetaTdex ecosystem covers Crypto Wallet, DEX, DeFi, GameFi, DAO, NFT, and Mining Pool. With the global expansion, the active users have exceeded 250,000 +, covering more than 20+ countries and regions around the world.

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