NFT Airdrops & Giveaways - December Edition (Updated Frequently)

By PapaT | W.T.NFTs | 24 Nov 2020

Last Updated: Dec. 8 - 1525PST

November & December articles have been included into one for convenience sake since I got a late start on November. Thanks! 

Better late than never, but figured I would start off my monthly edition of free NFT airdrops. The NFT world has been expanding each and every day at an insane pace making it hard some times to keep up with all the goodies to be had. I plan on updating this list as often as I hear of new free airdrops, so make sure to check back often!

For these free NFTs you will need to have a Wax Cloud Wallet. You can create your own free wallet quick and easy here (There has since been an update to the site but most of this should still apply)

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Happy Hunting and Good Luck!


NFT Airdrops & Giveaways:

Kaleidoscope - NFT Airdrop

Blockchain Heroes - Electroman Card Giveaway

Blockchain Heroes - Airdrop

Sketch Is Real - Airdrop

Crypto Twerpz - Alien Artist Giveaway

The Drop Box - Waxio Lotto #2 (4 Free Tickets Daily)

Crypto Twerpz - Badge Giveaway with NFTHype

Sometimes NFTs - Snow Globe NFT

Crypto Twerpz - Kollector Giveaway

Crypto Twerpz - CZ-3PO Airdrop

NFT Trading Post - Join Telegram & Receive 2 Free NFTs in Your Hunt for WAX Backed NFTs

Join the NFT Army on Telegram to Earn Free NFTs & Tokens

Play Games on Telegram to Win NFTs, Tokens, Crypto, or Even Your Own Website


Expired Airdrops & Giveaways:


Sometimes NFT - Ugly Sweater NFT Airdrop 1

Sometimes NFTs - Ugly Sweater Airdrop 2

The Horrors - Promo Card

NFT Recycling - Twitter Giveaway (Weekly Drawings on Telegram if you Register to Participate by Donating an NFT to the Prize Pool)

CryptomonKeys - One Card a Day Airdrop (Be Fast!!!)

Star Cards - Halloween Promo

Trading Post - Yellow Logo NFT

The Drop Box - Giveaway

2 Free Waxio Lottery Tickets for Draw on November 30th

Sometimes NFTs - Thanksgiving Promo

Periodic Elements - Scandium Giveaway Here on Publish0x

The Horrors - Join Telegram Group & Enter Wax Wallet Address in Before Nov. 27

Nifty Show - Zoom Meeting NFT Airdrop Nov. 25th 1600 PST

Rewards & Referrals:

Join GYB to Learn About New NFT Projects & Artists While Earning Free NFTs & Prizes

Earn up to $59 in Free COMP from Coinbase

Earn up to $50 in Free XLM from Coinbase

Earn up to $43 in Free BAND from Coinbase

Get $10 in Free BTC from Coinbase

Play Games & Enter Daily Tournaments to Win Free Money Through PayPal on GAMEE

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