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Tesla Model S Plaid: They’re Here

By newb0Xsir | Written Words | 12 Jun 2021

The new Tesla Model S Plaid Delivery Event was great overall. Sure, there were no great unveilings, but this does mean Tesla could focus solely on the Model S.

We got our tri-motor powertrain with 1,021 horsepower and 2.1 second 0–60 time. The UI update demo on the infotainment system was quite satisfying and rightfully so; PS5-level hardware and all. Seeing some live Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay in a Tesla was so sick.

Sure, for the Tesla fanboys, this event was basically an in-person regurgitation of what’s been on the order page for a couple months at this point. Yes, the short delivery event could have not been live-streamed. However, the event itself was nice and Tesla needed an excuse to have an event as it’s been a hot minute since Battery Day.

In the end, this news is good news.


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