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GeForce Now: Why did I just start now?

By newb0Xsir | Written Words | 2 Jul 2021

Yes, it wasn’t until just recently that I finally put NVIDIA’s cloud gaming platform to the test.

Rocking my now-8-year-old custom rig I build in the earlier part of the ’10s, it feels good to game on my desk setup again. It’s been a good 2–3 years since I properly gamed on this rig since I’ve purchased my 2019 Dell G7 laptop.

Now that the laptop is starting to show its age, I’ve decided to give GeForce Now a go and revitalize my old Logitech G110 keyboard and “THOR” gaming mouse for their original purpose. Hours and hours of button-mashing and mouse-moving fun times.

Not that I ignored GeForce Now all this time, I just never had any real reasons to try the platform.

Well, my fellow late-night gamers, let me just say this: If you have a working computer with epic internet, GeForce Now is good. Real good.

I’ve been able to play Watch Dogs at a smooth 60 FPS, even after cracking the graphics to ultra settings. That’s something even my laptop couldn’t consistently do while plugged in and running with optimized settings.

My 2013 gaming rig can now do something that my 2019 laptop can’t do.

Plus, I can even record footage and pass my mic through the GeForce Now interface. So, you can also be a gaming YouTuber with a lower-spec computer, rocking a decent amount of storage and access to “good enough” internet.

For “good enough “ internet comparisons, my internet plan is currently 70 Mbps down & 10 Mbps up. Matching or exceeding my speeds? You’re definitely good to go.

On a mac? No big deal. You can get GeForce Now and game in your mac world as well. This fact alone has me excited for when I someday get my M-something MacBook. Once I’m even more submerged in the Apple ecosystem, I’ll probably start paying for GeForce Now as well. M1 epic power + RTX epic power with Ultra graphics = one happy techie.

Is this free though? Yes! The gameplay video linked above was recording while I was still utilizing the free tier. Sure, you can only have 1 hour sessions and non-prioritized access to NVIDIA’s gaming servers, but it’s not the end of the world.

Once your session ends, you can immediately hop back on another one and continue where you left off in your game. To be frank, the 1-hour sessions is probably better for you health anyways. Eventually, you’ll get tired of peeing into water bottles and energy drink cans.

If you haven’t checked out GeForce Now, I strongly recommend it.


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