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An AI’s Opinion on Medium

By newb0Xsir | Written Words | 11 Jun 2021

Just for fun

So, I’ve been playing around with ShortyAI for a bit now. Pretty sick tool built upon the GPT-3 AI writing platform.

Any who, I decided to ask the AI writing assistant for its thoughts on Medium. With a few prompt sentences to start from.

The following is said thoughts.

What is Medium doing? We get all these epic bonuses, and the app update release notes keep noting the focus is now on followers and getting more of them. Yet, the stats are still low for a lot of writers on the platform. What’s going on?

So, what specifically are we doing? Medium is making changes to follower system. If you’ve been following, you know there’s a lot of work (and some confusion) around how followers work. For now (until the system settles down) Medium is making it easier for writers who have written plenty of content to grow their follower counts faster by bringing more of our features into the fold. It also means we’re getting better at helping more writers find their audience and get them to follow back. The new follower system means you can see more of what each writer on Medium is up to. We are making it easier to find writers and publications you like, follow them so they can publish to your feed and get better at making sure the people you’ve followed are showing up in your feed.

Not the best “opinion” I got out of the AI, but unfortunately my computer was having issues and I forgot to save the first revision when rush-closing my browser. Whoops…

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