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3 Product Ramps in 2023?

By newb0Xsir | Written Words | 15 Apr 2022

Not so sure about that, Mr. Musk

It’s awesome that both Giga Texas & Berlin are both online, with delivery-ready vehicles being pumped out of their production bays. Also, it is great that the Model Y production ramps will potentially reach their peaks this year as well.

However, Cybertruck, Semi and Roadster deliveries, all in 2023? That’s making me mask the “X” button for all the doubts I have.

First off, if anything, the Semi should get priority in 2023 out of these 3 vehicles. Yes, Cybertruck pre-orders are through the roof and people threw a quarter million at Tesla 6 years ago for the Roadster that still isn’t in their driveways yet. But. The Semi is another example of Elon’s phrase “the machine that builds the machine”.

In this case, “the machine that delivers the machine”.

Right now, Teslas are all being delivered by your typical diesel ICE semi-truck. Wouldn’t it look that much better to have your electric vehicles also be delivered by your own electric semi-trucks as well?

Therefore, I would prefer the following order of priority for the three remaining vehicles:

  1. Semi
  2. Cybertruck
  3. Roadster

Why Cybertruck 2nd? Because it will also have crazy demand once its production ramps up. It may even match, if not surpass, the demand for the Model Y. 

This is why Roadster is last. It’s a lower-volume vehicle but also “dessert”, to put it in Elon’s words. Semi is also lower-volume but pushes Tesla’s mission statement much more than a quarter-million-dollar supercar.

What do you guys think? Will we get all 3 vehicles in 2023? Or will we score 2 out of 3 on this one?

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